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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The Bureau of Labor Statistics' American Time Use Survey offers a portrait of how people in the U.S. spend their time. As it turns out, TV exceeds all other leisure activities combined. Here are the average minutes per day Americans spent on leisure activities: 

  • Watching TV, 156 minutes (Weekend 201) 
  • Socializing/communicating 35 minutes (Weekend 61) 
  • Playing game/computer use 25 minutes (Weekend 31) 
  • Reading 19 minutes (Weekend 21) 
  • Sports, exercise, recreation 17 minutes (Weekend 20) 
  • Relaxing/thinking l6 minutes (Weekend 19) 
  • All other leisure/sports 20 minutes (Weekend 37) 

Americans average 5.3 hours of leisure time per day (4.8 hours on weekdays and 6.5 hours on weekends and holidays) and over half that is spent in front of the television. Socializing and communicating is the next most popular activity and is the only one to nearly double on weekends (35 minutes on weekdays, 61 minutes on weekends). Only 15 percent of Americans spend any time in an average day on organizational, civic or religious activities, but the people who do participate commit a hefty chunk of their time: 2 hours and fifteen minutes per day.

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