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Friday, May 12, 2017


(British Glamour) If you're under the impression that internships are all about coffee runs and photocopying, you need to get down to Silicon Valley where their interns are probably on a better monthly salary than you are. Glassdoor has released a list of the highest paid internships of 2017, and unsurprisingly it was the tech giants who came out on top. Mark Zuckerberg is clearly a generous guy, as Facebook took the number one spot with the average intern taking home the equivalent of £6,175 every month. Apparently they also get amazing perks from free food to free transport and even accommodation. We're so happy we were taught Pythagoras at school and not coding... Best paid interns of 2017:
  • Facebook-Average monthly pay: $8,000/£6,175 
  • Microsoft-Average monthly pay: $7,100/£5,483 
  • Salesforce-Average monthly pay: $6,450/£4,981 
  • Amazon-Average monthly pay: $6,400/£4,943 
  • Apple-Average monthly pay: $6,400/£4,943 
  • Bloomberg-Average monthly pay: $6,400/£4,943 
  • Yelp-Average monthly pay: $6,400/£4,943 
  • Yahoo-Average monthly pay: $6,080/£4,696 
  • VMware-Average monthly pay: $6,080/£4,696 
  • Google-Average monthly pay: $6,000/£4,632

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