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Friday, May 12, 2017


Say you're faced with the unfair dilemma of choosing between a sultry, brown-haired beauty or a gorgeous, flaxen-headed hottie. (The redhead already left with your buddy.) What would you do? To help you out, Men's Health compiled the research and consulted some of the brightest minds on the matter.


In a recent survey on the world's most beautiful women by, 10 were blondes, nine were brunettes, and there was one redhead. The reason blondes led the field? "Golden hair brings out the color of the eyes and makes teeth look whiter," says Natalia Llyin, a psychologist and the author of "Blonde Like Me." Advantage: Blonde.


Men typically want brunettes as wives. A test by anthropologist Hans Juergens revealed that personal ads placed by brunettes looking for husbands received twice as many responses as those posted by blondes. "Blondes tend to be bigger risk-takers and more likely to want to play around," says psychologist Tony Fallone, Ph.D. Advantage: Brunette.

Sugar-mama potential

Research has shown that brunettes have more job security, says Fallone. His research on hair color and psychology also found that men perceive brunettes as more intelligent and reliable, while blondes are considered flaky. Advantage: Brunette.

Winner: Brunette. See what brown can do for you.

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