Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Just because Americans, Canadians and Britons all speak English, it doesn't mean we use the same words. Confusion and sometimes comedy reign when vastly different words are used for the same thing. For example, Americans call it a cell phone, and Brits call it a mobile. That's easy enough to figure out, but things can get trickier. Here's the top ten most confusing words with the same meaning between Americans and Brits:
  1. Cell phone vs. mobile 
  2. Pantyhose vs. tights 
  3. Subway vs. tube 
  4. Soccer vs. football 
  5. Fanny vs. bottom 
  6. Suspenders vs. braces 
  7. Trunk vs. boot 
  8. Coat vs. jacket 
  9. Faucet vs. tap 
  10. Diaper vs. nappy 

The top 10 most confusing words with the same meaning between Canadians and Brits:
  1. Washroom vs. toilet 
  2. Chesterfield vs. sofa 
  3. Entree vs. starter 
  4. Hydro vs. electricity 
  5. Runners vs. trainers 
  6. Serviette vs. napkin 
  7. Touque vs. beanie hat 
  8. Knapsack vs. backpack 
  9. Pogey vs. dole 
  10. Pants vs. trousers 

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