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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the bleeding heart liberals in this country. Liberals are so concerned about Russian involvement in our elections. But they are the people promoting socialist and communistic ideas to our young. You silence the freedom of speech of people you disagree with and paint them as right wing extremist. You systematically character assassinate any conservative that runs for office. This Liberal Madness needs to stop! It really seems to me we are returning to those days of public lynchings without a fair trial. Accusations are not facts! The press use to be fair! Walter Cronkite was considered the most trusted man in America when I was growing up. Peter Jennings was another reporter I admired. I considered both of these men fair in their reporting. Today if Chris Matthews doesn't get a thrill up his leg from our president then we need to call for his impeachment. All of us really need to take a serious look at what’s happening here. The Press is now an active member of the democratic party. They are going all out to destroy this presidency with a political vengeance and if you don't see it, you really do need health care. This really concerns me because it’s a threat to our liberty. No American would want to be prosecuted by unnamed sources in a court of law. You have the right to face your accusers. People need to chill out and let President Trump do what he was hired to do! I for one have faith in my God, My Country, and the President of The United States to do right by the American People. The man is one of us, an American and if given a chance will do great things for this nation. If there is wrong doing, then we deserve to see and know the names of the accusers. I’m still waiting for the Grand Jury to be convened to look at the evidence in the Hillary Clinton case. We are told there is justice for all in this country and that starts with indisputable evidence not hearsay! Both Liberals and Conservatives talk about fair and equal treatment so lets start practicing what we preach. Those are my deep thoughts for today!

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