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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


  • ABC is going to bring back "The Gong Show" with Mike Myers hosting. 
  • Quadruplets from a Cincinnati suburb -- Nick, Nigel, Zachary and Aaron Wade -- have all chosen to attend Yale together. 
  • 69 extra calories a day is how much the average coffee drinker adds by stirring in cream and sugar, according to Public Health. 
  • The State Department has issued a travel alert for all of Europe. 
  • The 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday at Churchill Downs. A 3-year-old one-eyed horse named Patch is getting a lot of buzz. 
  • One in every 131 emails has a malicious link or attachment. 
  • A Hollywood writers strike was avoided early Tuesday morning with a temporary settlement on a new 3-year deal. 
  • Did you know there was a TV series over at FOX about the first-ever female pro baseball player, called "Pitch?" Well, never mind -- it was just canceled. 
  • Prince William and Duchess Kate have a 2-year-old. Britain's Princess Charlotte officially turned 2 yesterday. 
  • Apple has over $250 billion in the bank and its rumored they may buy both Tesla and Netflix. 
  • The woman killed in that swimming pool shooting Sunday in San Diego was a childhood friend of Nick Cannon. 
  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon took their twins to Disneyland the other day to celebrate their 6th birthday. 
  • Shannon Doherty says her breast cancer is in remission, but the next five years are critical. 
  • You missed your chance to buy David Geffen's Malibu home for $85 million. 
  • A U.S. woman is suing Qatar Airlines for $850,000 after a flight attendant spilled hot coffee on her. 
  • Austria is trying to figure out a way to tax Google searches. We're not making this up. 
  • A girl was kicked out of a chess tournament in Malaysia because she wore a knee-length dress that was considered "seductive." 
  • The Trump Administration is planning to roll back nutrition standards for school meals.

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