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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


It's still Be Kind to Animals Week --- Here's a quiz:

  • In 1950 in New Mexico a bear cub was found in a tree after a forest fire had destroyed his home. He became a symbol for forest fire prevention. What is the name of this famous bear? (Smokey the Bear) 
  • In 1882 this African elephant was sold to Barnum and Bailey Circus. He became the focal point for the circus, until he was struck by a freight train in 1885 in Canada and killed. What famous elephant is this? (Jumbo) 
  • This killer whale was in the movie "Free Willy." What is the whale's real name? (Keiko) 
  • Which U.S. President had a six-toed cat? (Teddy Roosevelt. He also had the most pets of any president) 
  • Worldwide, the most important fish species used in fish farming are carp, salmon, tilapia and what? (Catfish) 
  • How many days can an ant stay under water? (two)

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