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Thursday, May 11, 2017


According to Men's Fitness, these are three things to keep tabs on.

Watch Your Hairline

If you want an early cancer warning: Dramatic hair loss at an early age can be a sign of prostate cancer. A study at the University of Toronto, of more than 400 men found that those men found that those who scored high on a "hair-loss scale" were up to four times more likely to have a malignant tumor when they came in for a prostate biopsy.

Watch Your Booze

If you're feeling famished: Alcohol tricks your brain into thinking you're starving. Researchers at University College London, monitored the brain activity of drunk mice and found that the hooch excited neurons called AGPR, which sound off when your body goes into starvation, leading the mice to gorge.

What You Feed Your Gut

If you want to protect your ticker: Patients admitted to the hospital with chest pains and high TMAO, a molecule made by but bacteria, are much more likely to die, have a stroke or heart attack, or need bypass surgery within six months according to the European Heath Journal. Pound down those pre-and probiotics.

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