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Friday, May 5, 2017


It costs the average guy $284 dollars more than it costs the average woman to do the same thing? Being in a wedding. According to a recent survey, it actually costs more to be a groomsman than a bridesmaid. Here are five stats from the survey:
  • The average bridesmaid spends $215 on her dress, and $427 on the bachelorette party. That includes everything from travel expenses to alcohol. So that's $642. 
  • The average groomsman spends $245 on his suit, and $681 on the bachelor party. So that's $926 total, which is $284 more than women spend, mostly because guys splurge more on the bachelor party. 
  • The average best man spends almost twice as much on the bachelor party as the maid of honor spends on the bachelorette. $999 compared to $552. 
  • 31% of groomsmen also spend at least $200 on a wedding gift, compared to just 20% of bridesmaids. And somehow, guys even spend slightly more on incidentals, like shoes and haircuts. 
  • But in general, women are a little more likely to go over-budget when they're in a wedding. 32% end up spending more than they expect to, compared to 28% of men.

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