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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


(Men's Health) Sam Weinman the author of Win at Losing explains how to turn today's defeat into tomorrow's victory:

Do a postmortem
Did you fail, or just lose? One implies fault; the other may be beyond your control, says Jim Loehr of the Human Performance Institute. Be honest: Did you botch the presentation? Find the winning Power-Point and compare it to yours. Did a better candidate land your promotion? Ask your boss what that person had that you didn't.

Identify what went right
In a famous study, Olympic bronze medalists looked happier than silver winners. Their gratitude was due to "counterfactual" thinking, or pondering what might have been. Claiming as mall victory softens the blow and helps you identify successes to build on,says Loehr. Dream of a scenario that gives you hope and inspires you to work harder.

Grow from it
"No pain, no gain" is more than a cliche it's science. But science calls it "post-traumatic growth." Consider the Columbia Lions' 44straight losses in the 1980s. That bred success off the gridiron for many players, says Matt Sodl, a defensive tackle who now manages a hedge fund, "it crafts how you think and analyze problems," he says.

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