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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Try Not to Give Mom a Stolen Gift on Her Day

Hey this Mother's Day, don't make loving your mom a crime. According to estimates from fraud detection and protection firm Forter, this May 14, criminals will sell an estimated $20 million of stolen merchandise to consumers, and millions more in the days leading up to the holiday. Forter CEO Michael Reitblatt said this is a popular time for fraudsters for a couple of reasons: First, it's a busy time for retailers making it harder to combat fraud, and second, it's easy for criminals to target the products they're selling towards moms, which makes the criminal process more efficient. One of the most popular ways to sell consumers stolen goods is through legitimate-looking websites. Reitblatt says you may find these sites popping up on your social media feed or on ads on legit websites, and they look legit even to a discerning consumer. One tell-tale sign: A subtle difference in the spelling of the sites name. Some of the biggest sellers are luxury watches and jewelry, Disney world and Disneyland trips, and fashion sneakers. (New York Post)

One in Ten Couples Have Split Up Over...Wait What?

There are lots of perfectly good reasons that couples might split up. Some of the more classic grounds are arguments over money, sex and family matters. But a new report from Wakefield Research found that one in 10 couples (married or unmarried) ended their relatively recent relationships over - President Donald Trump! And it seems young people are statistically even more susceptible to this trend, splitting 22 percent of the time. According to the Wakefield report: "Passionately opposing points of views are not only driving wedges between strangers and even friends, but we are now seeing evidence that this dissent is having a detrimental impact on Americans' marriages and relationships." (KATU)

Four People Who Make More Than You - Waaaaaaaay More!

According to a new report from Bloomberg, there are exactly four CEO's in American who now make an astonishing 9-figure salary. Here they are in order with their ridiculously obscene salaries:
Marc Lore, CEO of Walmart eCommerce US: $236,896,191
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple: $150,036,907
John S. Weinberg, executive chairman of Evercore Partners: $123,991,055
Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google: $106,502,419

Although, just a couple of hundred-thousand more and Elon Musk can join the party. The CEO of Tesla is paid an 8-figure salary of $99,744,920. (Bloomberg)

So Climbing Everest is Only for Rich People?

Ryan Sean Davy, a 43-year-old South African man had a dream - to climb Mount Everest. Sadly, when he finally got there he quickly learned that he couldn't afford the $11,000 solo permit because of "hidden costs." He also figured his lack of "previous mountaineering experience on record" would prevent him from getting permission. But, rather than disappoint his supporters back home in Johannesburg, he says he opted for "a stealth entry" though just how far he actually got is unclear. He claims on Facebook to have climbed 24,000 of the mountain's 29,029 feet. Nepalese officials say Davy told them he made it to camp two, around 21,000 feet. We know he at least made it to the base camp because he was spotted alone near it but then fled into a cave where he was apprehended. One official said, "He had set up camp in an isolated place" to avoid detection." He later complained on Facebook that he was "treated like a murderer" once caught. He also wrote that "expedition companies have no time for wanna be Inveresters with no money." Ironically, he was fined $22,000 - double the $11,000 fee he couldn't afford in the first place. But he told his Facebook supporters, "This was my doing and I took the risks. I am accountable." (BBC)

Don't Stand Up on Water Rides

Police in Britain are investigating the tragic death of 11-year-old Evha Jannath who was killed while on a water ride at the Drayton Manor theme park. Officials at the park say the girl, who was on a school trip, was fatally injured when she fell from the Splash Canyon ride which is touted as featuring "fast-flowing rapids" and has 21 boats with a capacity of six riders each. There's a lot of weird irony in the story. First, Evha almost missed the trip all together after showing up in the wrong clothes, but at the last minute was allowed to borrow an acceptable outfit from the school. Secondly, this tragedy happened on her very last ride of the day. Witnesses say Evha stood up to change seats during the ride and fell in after the boat hit a rock. (BBC)

Need a Cannon? Cindy Lauper Stuff?

Back in January, Christie's in New York's Rockefeller Center held an auction of items from Palmetto Hall, the Spring Hill antebellum home of the late Jay and Nan Altmayer of Mobile, Alabama. The sale total was more than $5.3 million. Well this week, the rest of the collection will be sold at auction through Millea Bros. Ltd. of Boonton, N.J. The three-day auction will be held May 11-13 and includes approximately 250 lots that belonged to the Altmayers. It's kind of what you'd expect for the most part from a family like this including an early 19th Century marble bust and a painted portrait of George Washington, pieces of White House china from various administrations, classical French and English furnishings and decorative objects, oil paintings, 19th and 20th Century garden furniture and more. But for some reason, there's also a bunch of Cyndi Lauper stuff. Seriously - including French furniture, vintage movie posters, Art Deco lighting, and a lot of 19th and 20th Century store signs and folk art all once owned by Lauper. Oh, and there's also a cannon. Yep. An antique British cast iron ship's cannon expected to fetch around two grand. (

Just Blame the Spider

Hey a lot of us freak out a little at the site of a spider, right? Hopefully it doesn't happen when you're driving. In Northern Michigan a 26-year-old unnamed man told police it was indeed a spider that caused him to veer off the road and through a ditch and heavy brush before crashing into some trees. He told deputies he lost control of the car after noticing a spider on the visor above his head. He escaped unscathed, but his 29-year-old female passenger suffered a wrist injury. (MLive)

What the What?

Down in Brisbane, Australia, a pregnant mother got the shock of her life when she suddenly erupted in a painful rash all over her body was told by doctors she was allergic to the baby inside her! Shocking pictures show the true extent of Summer Bostock's allergy which occurred virtually overnight a month-and-a-half before her first child, Izaiah, was born. Doctors say it was one of the most extreme cases of a rare pre-natal condition known as Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy or PEP. It's basically harmless but does leave the mother in agonizing pain. After starting with painful red blotches on her stomach it spread up and her back and down her legs, covering her entire body. The good news is it all vanished within hours of her son Izaiah's birth. But it was a rough go the weeks before the birth. Summer said, "I would vomit, the itching was so intense, and at night I couldn't sleep!" Although it is believed that PEP is more common in expectant mothers carrying boys-as there may be a link to testosterone-she was fine with both her other two sons, Elijah, now three, and Josiah, now one. (Metro)

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