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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


World's Meanest Playboy Model Heading for Trial!

Remember Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers - the one allegedly posted a nude photo on Snapchat of a 70-year-old naked woman in her LA Fitness locker room captioned "If I can't unsee this then you can't either." Yeah, her. Well, she's heading for trial but tried one final Hail Mary to get out of it. Mathers and her lawyers zeroed in on the California law's specification that an "identifiable person" not be secretly recorded in a changing room (among other places) without his or her consent, claiming the wording was too vague. But Judge Gustavo Sztraicher said, "The court finds the statute is constitutional and not void for vagueness." And with those words effectively slammed the door on Mathers' bid to get out of a trial in her body-shaming photo case. The 30-year-old pleaded not guilty in November after being charged with misdemeanor invasion of privacy. Mathers' attorney Dana Cole argued, "This was a far-away shot, and the victim, her features cannot be identified." He also noted the LAPD had to put many man-hours into identifying the woman. The prosecution countered that the jury could make up its mind on that point. The trial is tentatively set for May 26, and Cole says Mathers will "definitely" testify. She faces up to six months in jail if convicted. Mathers took a break from Instagram since early July but resumed posting last week, captioning her first shot back in part, "I am fully recharged and CANNOT WAIT to share my adventures with you guys again!! I hope 2017 has been kind #loveyouguys #positivevibesonly." (New York Daily News)

Suicide by Fire...On Facebook Live! Thanks Mark Z! 

The world was treated to more horror thanks to Facebook Live. Early Saturday, 33-year-old Memphis musician Jared McLemore began filming outside Murphy's Bar before dousing himself in kerosene, lighting himself on fire, and then running offscreen into a crowded tavern where his former girlfriend works. Witnesses say he was aflame from head to foot. The horrifying video has since been removed from Facebook. McLemore died from severe burns after being brought to a nearby hospital. Another man sustained burns after attempting to kick a lighter from McLemore's hand; he is expected to make a full recovery. Witness Kim Koehler said, "It was the most horrific thing I've seen." McLemore's ex-girlfriend Alyssa Moore works as a sound technician in the bar and Koehler added, "He believed that suicide would be the ultimate revenge on her." Court records show McLemore had a history of domestic abuse and was recently put on probation for domestic assault charges after threatening to kill Moore. A GoFund Me page set up in support of Moore claims that McLemore approached her in the bar before his livestream and wiped her arm down his chest, already slick with kerosene. His family says he was "struggling with bipolar disorder" for 19 years. (New York Daily News)

Woman Calls Off Wedding, Then Donates It To Charity

Despite having planned and paid for a big wedding, 23-year-old Jenna Yorkovich decided she didn't want to get married. So she called off the nuptials and found herself with a non-refundable wedding reception at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not wanting the party to go to waste, she contacted the Ronald McDonald House, which helps families with sick children. Ronald McDonald House CEO Jill Evenocheck said, "We received a call two weeks ago of a bride who canceled her wedding and offered her wedding to us as any way that we saw fit." The organization took her up on the offer and her wedding was turned into a charitable celebration to honor more than 175 volunteers. Yorkovich later said, "It was just making the best of the situation I was in. Looking at the positives and knowing I could help a bunch of other people and show the support to them." She actually attended and gave a speech thanking her guests of honor. (Newser)

Mother's Day Moron

In Murrysville, Pennsylvania, police say 58-year-old Richard Ward spent Mother's Day beating his 87-year-old mother and 64-year-old sister with a cane! This, apparently after the two woke him up from a drunken slumber in his vehicle. He now faces charges including aggravated assault and public drunkenness. Murrysville police say he was parked outside his mother's home when Linda Ward and her mother, Margaret, tried to wake him up around 9pm Sunday. Police say he woke up angrily and took a cane from his sister before knocking her down and beating her and their mother with it. Witnesses say Ward refused to stop the beating until he was restrained by others until police arrived. Both women were treated at a hospital. (New York Post)

Mother's Day Nightmare

In Oregon, 36-year-old Joshua Lee Webb has been accused of decapitating his mother on Mother's Day and bringing her head to a grocery store. The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office says Webb killed his mother at their rural home Sunday, then allegedly showed up at a Thriftway grocery store in nearby Estacada carrying a human head and began stabbing a checkout clerk before finally being subdued. Interim Police Chief Ernie Roberts said after being subdued Webb "was in like a catatonic state, wasn't speaking to anybody." The grocery store checkout clerk was hospitalized and is expected to survive. Authorities say Webb was covered in blood and was carrying a severed head and a large knife when he entered the store. His father, David Webb told reporters his son had vision problems and received Social Security payments. He said he doesn't understand what happened adding, "I never foresaw a problem. If I had I would have stopped it. Sobbing, he said, "I just can't believe I lost my wife and son in one day. ... I wish I had some answers, but I don't. I waited all my life to retire with my wife, and now I can't. That's all I know." (Newser)

How Can You Be the Greatest Generation If You Don't Look Like It?

Uncle Sam wants you ... to look like you're a World War II soldier. Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey says he'll be lobbying at a meeting later this month to bring back a vintage "pinks and greens" Army uniform as regular business attire. His decision was based on a February survey that indicated 77% of active-duty respondents gave a thumbs-up to the old-school uniform; 59% say they'd prefer to wear it instead of their current uniform. Dailey, who notes there was "a lot of prestige and honor" tied to that particular uniform, adds it was the get-up of the "Greatest Generation." "The American public identified with that uniform," he says. If the Army's chief of staff and secretary give the OK, troops' uniform allowance would be adjusted to allow them to make the upgrade. (Army Times)

How I Got Rid of My Porn Addiction?

In Elkhorn, Wisconsin, 57-year-old Robert C. Ahorner got caught looking at internet porn by his wife. She started yelling at him. He then told her, "If I'm not using it, I might as well shoot it off!" He then went into another room and fired four shots. She called police who found four bullet holes in the floor of the master bathroom, but a completely intact Mr. Ahorner. He told a deputy he wanted to scare his wife and aimed the gun at the floor so the rounds would go into the basement, where no one was supposed to be. He also admitted to drinking a 12-pack of beer the day of the incident. His wife said her husband has mental health issues and takes several medications. Ahorner was charged with felony endangering safety by reckless use of a firearm and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. (Gazette Extra)

What the What?

In Lakeside, Oregon, 42-year-old Eleizabeth Moule had apparently pawned her husband's chainsaw. When he found out he asked her for the receipt and says she then "flipped out" and hit him over the head with a bamboo stick. Sherriff's deputies were able to locate a bloody bamboo stick on the property and Robert was treated on scene for several lacerations and scratches to his head. She was charged with assault II and unlawful use of a weapon and was taken to the Coos County Jail. And here's the really weird part: Sure, it's bad what she allegedly did, but according to TV station KTVL, her bail is set at $275,000,000! What? (KTVL)

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