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Monday, May 22, 2017


  • Would you rather eat and drink the same thing every time you eat, or have someone else always choose what you eat? 
  • Would you rather be awakened every morning by a special alarm clock that pours a bucket of cold water on your head or, always has to wear shoes that were one size too small? 
  • Would you rather get stood up for the high school prom or take your dream date to the prom, only to have them leave with someone else? 
  • Would you rather -- in a crowed movie theatre -- sit behind really tall people or in front of loud obnoxious people? 
  • Would you rather be accused of stealing on the job, or of sexual harassment? 
  • Would you rather age only from the neck up, or age only from the neck down? 
  • Would you rather be caught having an affair with your best friend's spouse or be caught having an affair with your kid's 18-year-old best friend?

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