Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Feeling blue? Improving your mood - even your health - may be as simple as slipping on something yellow or red. Wearing clothes that make you feel good is especially important when you're feeling under the weather, says Emily Spivack, found of Shop Well with You, an organization that shows women with cancer how to nurture themselves with clothes. Here's her advice:
  • Red -- exudes power and passion. Wear it if you feel tired and need a boosts. Avoid it if you suffer from high blood pressure and anxiety. 
  • Orange -- is associated with health and energy. It heals emotions and heightens creativity, but it could also make you feel restless. 
  • Yellow -- is known to heal the digestive tract and skin problems. Wear it when you need to stay alert and add some joy to your life. 
  • Green -- heals the heart, eases tension and regenerates cells. Wear it when you need space or to see things from a different perspective. 
  • Blue -- is the color of truth and serenity. It is cooling, calming and a good choice if you want to exude authority and communicate better. 

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