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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


(Women's Health) It's an annoying weight-loss saboteur: Studies have found that poor sleep can spike hunger and cause you to burn fewer calories during your workouts. But look alive, sleepyhead. A few surprising habits may help you add sleep and drop pounds:

Sleep with your fur baby
Research from the Mayo Clinic's Center for Sleep Medicine found that having a fluff ball in the bed may improve shut-eye, since snuggling up with your kitty or pup can help you feel more secure as your rest.

Bond with your guy
One recent study found that people were more likely to have a "restorative" sleep when they felt cared for by their partners, which means proposing mutual back or head messages is smart and potentially slimming bedtime ritual.

Skip nap time
If you're chronically sleepy, you might want to resist the call of the couch. University of Pennsylvania researchers found that snoozing during the day when you can't sleep at night may make you less tired, and therefore less able to doze off, after sunset.

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