A Different Kind of Prom Dress

A Different Kind of Prom Dress

One auto supplier is taking the term "ready to wear" to a whole new level. Inteva Products LLC commissioned a fashion designer to produce four gowns using the same thermoplastic material used on the instrument panels of a number of General Motors vehicles. The subsequent dresses were on display during a recent pop-up fashion show at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Four models outfitted with formal dresses made from Inteva's Inteather material strutted up and down a carpeted area. Inteather has the appearance of traditional leather, but Inteva says it weighs less, lasts longer, and is recyclable. Ken Gassman, who leads the team responsible for the commercial use of Inteather, said the designer, Ferndale-based Janna Coumoundouros, did a "phenomenal job" creating the gowns. He added that people were taken aback by the texture of the dresses, because "it looks like hard leather, but when they touch it, it's really soft." (Business Insider)


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