$6,400 Per Hour???

$6,400 Per Hour???

So how much do you think one should be paid for handling the estate of a dead billionaire? Apparently $100 million -- or more than $6,400 per hour -- If that estate belongs to Leona Helmsley. That's what two grandchildren, a lawyer, and a business advisor charged but a filing by the New York Attorney General's Office stated: "By any definition, this hourly rate is exorbitant, unreasonable, and improper." But the will executors defended their request for the "astronomical" fee stating they "faced enormous risks" while increasing the estate's value. Helmsley -- a famous New York City property owner who KCCI points out was known as the "Queen of Mean" -- was worth $4.78 billion when she died in 2007. While she left most of her wealth to charity, the Attorney General's Office has the power to make sure charities aren't getting fleeced by "excessive and unreasonable expenses," such as the fees being demanded by her estate's executors. The state is hoping to cut the requested fee by up to 90%. (KCCI)


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