(Men's Health) Don't let your good time get sacked by bad bartenders, slow servers, or a cook whose wings are chewier than a lineman's mouth guard. Huddle up. With this plan, your game day will be so great that all the cheerleaders will flock to the fun table:

Charm the Help
A week before kickoff, head to your favorite watering hole and find out which servers will be working, suggest Clark Wolf, a restaurant consultant based in New York City. Then order a meal and a few drinks, and tip real big, like 30 percent or more. That will get the staff's attention. When you return on Sunday, you will be the hometown favorite: The servers will see green and be more attentive during mid-game madness.

Stake Your Turf
The promise of a generous gratuity does not preclude the possibility that your server will vanish at the precise moment you need something. Call a few days ahead to ask for a table near the kitchen, Wolf says. You will be strategically positioned to catch your server's eye as he or she exits. If the place will not hold seats for you, just invite more friends: Most spots take reservations for parties of eight or more, says Wolf.

Order Smart
Order your first round and apps ASAP. Now here is the key plays: When the apps arrive, ask your server to come back at the end of the first quarter to take your dinner order, Wolf says. Such staggering ensures that the food is fresh, not just made early and parked under a heat lamp. Bartenders get backed up, so ask for a fresh round at the end of each quarter, no matter how full people's glasses are.

Tip and Tip
Most likely you will be there for a good three hours. So even the best servers may want to take a timeout from your table. Bring plenty of cash, especially dollar bills and tip after each drink. How much? If the room is packed, make it a buck a beer, no exceptions. Same rule for pitchers: a buck a guy when the refill hits the table. That way your server will be the one who stays calm and collected as the clock ticks down.

Amuse 'Em

Entertain your table mates with a 100 square football pool. On a sheet of paper, draw a 10-by-10 grid. Number the spaces along the x and y axes from zero to 9. Now everyone takes turns buying squares with Monopoly money and marking them with their initials. After each quarter, plot the last digit of each team's score on the gird, x-axis for one team and y-axis for the other. Pay 25 percent of the pot each quarter.


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