What the What?

What the What?

Being proposed to by the love of your life can invoke many different emotional responses, but when Brittany Hillard's boyfriend Cameron popped the question, she was so surprised that she actually, fainted-- right on the spot. Fortunately for us the proposal was done at a family gathering and being filmed by Cameron's brother and is now on the internet for all to enjoy. Brittany had actually been blindfolded while Cameron drove her to a state park where the family had gathered, anxiously waiting for the big surprise. When Cameron dropped down on one knee, held up the ring and popped the question, Brittany literally fell backwards and passed out. Later she said, "Why? I have no idea, but I felt like an idiot." Luckily, she was totally fine 15 minutes later and was finally able to answer the question. She said yes. (Metro)


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