It was on this date back in 1662 that the lime was first introduced to America. It wasn't until 250 years that the lemon arrived in the U.S., on a Detroit assembly line.

Wolfgang A. Mozart was born in 1756. In studies at the University of California students simply listening to a Mozart sonata dramatically increased their intelligence.

On this date in 1880, Thomas Edison was granted a patent for his invention, the electric incandescent lamp.
  • It was one of those redundant moments when a light bulb came on... and it inspired him to have a real light bulb come on.
  • Up until that time, lamps didn't exist... and there were no lampshades to wear at parties.
  • Needless to say, it made electrical bills sky rocket!
  • How did he think of it? Tom would always say he didn't know... just, one day, a light came on!
  • I wonder, before then, when you had a great idea, what went on?

On this date in 1926, a television was demonstrated for the very first time. Just like now, back then, there was really nothing on TV to watch.

In 1948, the very first tape recorder was sold. We don't know what it sounded like. No one there thought to turn it on. People were able to capture sound and play it back later. They have that option with this show, but no one takes us up on the offer.

On this day in 1951, the U.S. Air Force drops a one-kiloton atomic bomb on Frenchman Flats in the Nevada desert. Actually, before the bomb, the place was known as "Frenchman Mountain."

In 1977, President Carter pardoned over 10,000 Vietnam War draft evaders, while wearing a t-shirt that said, "Go Dodgers!"

Patton Oswalt turns 47 today. He's thinking about celebrating by doing something like sky-diving, but for now: Patton pending.

Rap artist Tricky turns 48 today... I think. It also could just be another one of his tricks. I wonder if, as he gets older, he adopts a more mature name... like, "Challenging."

Survivor's Rupert Bonham turns 52 today. He's the guy with the tie-dyed birthday cake.

Bridget Fonda turns 52 today. I guess I didn't know she was married to composer Danny Elfman, who has done more soundtracks than you can count.

Actress Mimi Rogers (The X Files, Lost in Space) turns 60 today.
She's had a lot of roles, but perhaps her most famous was that as Mrs. Tom Cruise number one.
Wow, she's old enough to be his last wife's mother!
She is credited with introducing Tom to Scientology, so if you're looking for someone to blame for him jumping around on your couch, she's the one.

Actor James Cromwell turns 74 today. He has the very distinction of being "Babe" the pig's owner, the inventor of warp drive and Jack Bauer's dad!

  1. "Really? That's it? Those are all the choices?"
  2. "I've changed my mind. Can I take my vote back?"
  3. "You know I'm missing the X-Files for this, right?"
  4. "Which one will prove least embarrassing for our state?"
  5. "Can I vote for myself?"

Love this quote: "The first five days after a weekend are always the hardest."

Samsung has a new washing machine that can connect to your smartphone and send you updates about your laundry. Yes, that's what was missing in my life.

Major League Baseball is studying whether to raise the bottom of the strike zone from the hollow beneath the kneecap back to the top of the kneecap. In other news, only 6 months until the first NFL pre-season game

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