• Then there's Batuli Lamichhane, who has smoked 30 cigarettes a day for 95 years. She's 112-years-old and lives in Nepal.
  • A Bladerunner sequel will begin filming in June, with original star Harrison Ford and new one, Ryan Gosling.
  • Emily Blunt is pregnant and expecting her second child with John Krasinski.
  • The IRS is accepting tax returns, if you're ready.
  • A second Tennessee teenager has died after drinking a mixture of racing fuel and Mountain Dew. They call it "Dewshine."
  • Oprah has dropped 25-pounds, while Weight Watchers stock has soared 20%.
  • Legendary NASCAR announcer Barney Hall has died. He was 83.
  • The death of Weather Channel meteorologist Nick Wiltgen has been ruled a suicide. He was 39.
  • NBC has done a couple of them. Now, FOX is going to try their hand at a live TV musical this Sunday with "Grease."
  • The NFL continues to investigate accusations that Peyton Manning had HGH shipped to his house back in his Indy rehab days. A report Manning calls "garbage."
  • Danny Glover said it: "Maybe we should do away with the Oscars."
  • Ben and Jerry's has come up with a flavor dedicated to Bernie Sanders called "Bernie's Yearning."
  • A survey says that 68% of Americans destroy their credit before they are 30.
  • Have you seen a tanuki? It's a rare breed of Japanese dog that looks a lot like a raccoon.
  • Chelsea Handler says the worst interview she ever did on her talk show was with Justin Bieber.
  • A teenage girls basketball team was kicked out of a local youth league because opponents complained the squad is too talented.
  • The Millard, Nebraska, School District is considering awarding a P.E. credit for being in the marching band.
  • Hotel heir Conrad Hilton has been ordered into substance abuse treatment after failing drug tests and violating his probation

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