Born On This Day...

In 1421 Henry VI, king of England (1422-61, 1470-71)

In 1822 Businessman, John Eberhard (built first large U.S. pencil factory)

In 1870 Silent screen star, William S. Hart (Wild Bill Hickok, Tumbleweeds)

In 1886 Poet/critic, Alfred "Joyce" Kilmer (Trees)

In 1896 American lyricist/author, Ira Gershwin (I Got Rhythm)

In 1896 Football player, George Trafton (Bears)

In 1887 Broadway actress, Lynn Fontanne

In 1898 Photojournalist, Alfred Eisenstaedt (famous VJ photo)

In 1898 Swedish sociologist, Gunnar Myrdal

In 1899 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, John "Jocko" Conlan (Umpire)

In 1903 Country singer, Hugh Farr (Sons of the Pioneers) [d: 3-17-80]

In 1903 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Tony Lazzeri (Yankees) [d: 8-6-46]

In 1906 Actress, Agnes Moorehead (Endora-Bewitched) [d: 4-30-74]

In 1908 Gangster, "Babyface" Nelson (#1 wanted criminal) [d: 11-27-34]

In 1913 U.S. backstroke swimmer, Eleanor Holm (Olympic-Gold-1932) [d: 1-31-04]

In 1920 Jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck (Take Five) [d: 12-5-12]

In 1921 Football Hall-of-Famer, Otto Graham (Browns) [d: 12-17-03]

In 1924 Actor, Wally Cox (Mr. Peepers, voice of Underdog) [d: 2-15-73]

In 1925 Jazz saxophonist, Bob Cooper [d: 8-5-93]

In 1930 Dancer/game show host, Bobby Van [d: 7-31-80]

In 1930 Football Hall-of-Famer, Andy Robustelli (Rams, Giants) [d: 5-31-11]

In 1939 Singer/songwriter, Steve Alaimo (Mashed Potatoes) (77)

In 1941 Country singer, Helen Cornelius (Nashville On The Road) (75)

In 1941 Football coach, Walter Perkins (75)

In 1943 Keyboardist/singer, Mike Smith (Dave Clark Five) [d: 2-28-08]

In 1944 Singer, Jonathan King (Everyone's Gone To The Moon) (72)

In 1945 Former baseball player, Larry Bowa (Phillies) (71)

In 1945 Actor, James Naughton (Planet of the Apes, Making The Grade) (71)

In 1947 Actress, Chelsea Brown (Laugh-In) (69)

In 1948 Actress, JoBeth Williams (The Big Chill, Regina-The Client) (68)

In 1953 Actress, Gina Hecht (Jean DaVinci-Mork & Mindy) (63)

In 1953 Actor, Thomas Hulce (Amadeus, Equus, Parenthood) (63)

In 1953 Actor, Kin Shriner (Scott Balwin-General Hospital, Port Charles) (63)

In 1953 Talk show host/comedian, Wil Shriner (Wil Shriner Show) (63)

In 1954 Actor, Miles Chapin (French Postcards, Get Crazy, Funhouse) (62)

In 1955 Actor, Xander Berkeley (George Mason-24) (61)

In 1955 Comedian, Steven Wright (Steven Wright Live) (61)

In 1956 Guitarist, Peter Buck (REM) (60)

In 1956 Drummer, Rick Buckler (The Jam) (60)

In 1956 Guitarist, Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne) [d: 3-19-82]

In 1957 Former baseball player, Steve Bedrosian (59)

In 1961 Drummer, David Lovering (The Pixies) (55)

In 1962 Actress, Janine Turner (Maggie-Northern Exposure, Cliffhanger) (54)

In 1962 Singer/guitarist, Ben Watt (Everything But The Girl) (54)

In 1966 Singer, Sinoa Loren (Seduction) (50)

In 1967 Actor, Sparky Marcus (Mary Hartman, Richie Rich) (49)

In 1970 Keyboardist, Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg (Ace of Base) (46)

In 1971 Tennis player, Richard Krajicek (45)

In 1971 AIDS activist, Ryan White [d: 4-8-90]

In 1976 Actress, Lindsay Price (All My Children, Bold & The Beautiful) (40)

In 1982 Actor, C.J. Thomason (Lucas Jones-General Hospital) (34)

In 1986 Actress/model, Claire Kathleen "Rosie" Bolton (30)


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