Before you carefully craft just the right pickup line and make your way over to that girl you've been eyeing, you might want to make sure your advances will be well-received. How can you tell? Stop ogling her curves long enough to see what her body is really saying.

Read her lips
Smiling is a no-brainer. If she gives you one of those, stop reading this and just go over there. But you can also read her lips for her other pick-me-up messages. Licking her lips, for example, is part of the subconscious preening process that conveys the message that she wants to look good for you.

Her eyes will have it
An interested chick will hold your gaze for just a fraction of a second longer than is normal, look away and then look back. And watch for the telltale eyebrow arch: When we see someone we're attracted to, we unconsciously raise our eyebrows. If they like us back, they'll do the same. It only takes a fifth of a second, but it happens so reliably that if you spot one, you can know for sure she's smitten, even if she doesn't realize it yet.

An invitation to enjoy the view
Once you've connected facially, she'll start drawing attention to the rest of her body. Playing with her hair, absent-mindedly stroking her neckline or stretching those curves are all ways she gives you permission to look at her -- and sends the subconscious signal that she'd like you to be touching her.

Her hands give a hint
Weird, but true: We expose our wrists and palms of our hands only to people we're interested in. Body language experts explain that it's a subconscious display of submissiveness, in which she's saying, "If you want me, you can have me."

She goes full-frontal
Her desire is heading in your direction if her body is. Her body language - legs and arms widened or crossed toward you, upper body facing you, leaning in your direction -- will say if she's comfortable where she is (i.e., near you).


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