The French government established the very first pawn shop on this date in 1777. As soon as they opened their doors, a customer walked in with a pig, marking the first "ham hock."

In 1792, the very first formal cremation of a human being took place in the U.S. I don't know: I just can't see going through life, then winding it up by making a big ash out of myself.

On this date in 1793, Noah Webster established New York's very first daily newspaper.
Up until that time, no one had anything to wrap up fish in.
Needless to say, the spelling was always perfect.

In 1884, roller skates with ball bearings were patented in Chicago, quickly becoming more popular than the previous versions with rocks in them.
At first, the inventor didn't want to pay for the patent... but he also didn't want to be known as a 
cheap skate.
That would explain why it was so tough to skate before then.
They were much smoother than roller skates with rocks in them.
They were instantly more popular than those without ball bearings.

On this date in 1907, the very first Christmas Seals were sold.
It took 'em about 6 months before they could balance a ball on their nose.
Oh, sure, they're cute when they balance a ball on their nose... but they make whole the house smell like low tide.
People liked the idea, but they didn't always have a place to store the herring.

In 1941, China declared war against Italy, Germany, and Japan. Yep, they were having a bad day.

It was on this date in 1979 that the world's heaviest turkey weighed in at 77.25 pounds. Notice it was after Thanksgiving. No one dared get near it.


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