St. Nicholas Day -- time for some Santa Claus trivia from

Who did Coca-Cola commission to illustrate its famous "Santa Claus" ads?
  1. Lou Prentice
  2. Robert May
  3. Haddon Sundblom (Lou Prentice, Sundblom neighbour, was the first model Sundblom used in his paintings ***
  4. Thomas Nast

In 1939, a copywriter first wrote about Rudolph the red nose reindeer for which department store?
  1. Sears
  2. Woolworth's
  3. Montgomery Ward Robert May first revealed Rudolph's story to the world in a book written for the Montgomery Ward department store chain ***
  4. Macy's

Saint Nicholas was literally brought to North America as the figurehead on the bow of the Dutch ship...
  1. Sinterklaas
  2. New Amsterdam
  3. Goodwife
  4. Lollipop (The Dutch on that ship then paid the Iroquois $24 for what is now New York City and built a statue in St. Nicholas' honour in the town square ***

Who is famous for his Harper's magazine illustrations of Santa Claus and also introduced details such as Santa's workshop at the North Pole and the Naughty & Nice List?
  1. Haddon Sundblom
  2. Walt Disney
  3. Andy Warhol
  4. Thomas Nast (Nast standardized much of the perception of Santa and even added a few details, such as the North Pole workshop and Santa's 1st. His cartoon of Santa supporting Union troops was a major PR blow to the Confederacy) ***

Which of the following has NOT been one of Santa's helpers through the ages?
  1. Knecht Ruprecht
  2. Black Peter
  3. Tomtar
  4. Grandfather Frost (Grandfather Frost is Santa's name in Russia) ***

Saint Nicholas was born in the country we now call...
  1. Holland
  2. Canada
  3. Turkey (According to legend, Saint Nicholas was born in the heart of the Roman Empire in Patera, Turkey) ***
  4. Finland

Where did the tradition of leaving out a stocking, shoe or "Santa Sack" come from?

  1. The medieval legend of St. Nicholas dropping gold down a chimney (It is said that Saint Nicholas once dropped gold down a chimney so 3 daughters could avoid lives of desperation) ***
  2. People use to leave out clean stockings in case Santa ripped his going down the chimney
  3. The stockings were always hanging by the fire to dry anyway
  4. The original St. Nicholas was known for his wealth, generosity and lavish clothing


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