• Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and his wife are expecting their second child together.
  • A Texas school staffer was forced to take down his Charlie Brown Christmas Tree because it had "religious significance."
  • The critics are split on "Rogue One," going everywhere from "half-baked" to "epic."
  • According to a new study, first-born siblings feel the weight of responsibility greater than their youngest brothers and sisters, who tend to be more easygoing, relaxed and humorous. Agree?
  • Amber Rose and Val Chmerkovskiy are going strong and describe their relationship as "in a good place."
  • Things you didn't know about Alan Thicke: he wrote the theme songs for "Different Strokes" and "The Facts of Life." He suffered heart failure while playing hockey with one of his kids. He and comedian Gilbert Gottfried once traded wives on "Celebrity Wife Swap." He was his high school's Homecoming King and he appeared in the debut episode of "Fuller House."
  • Monday is when the Electoral College votes.
  • Wow, the former "Price is Right" host Bob Barker turned 93 last Monday.
  • The rumor mill has Kim Kardashian getting close with NFL player Marquette King behind Kanye's back.
  • The city of Knightstown, Indiana, removed the lighted cross from the top of their town Christmas tree, rather than rack up a bunch of legal costs, after the ACLU threatened to sue.
  • A new study claims that 1 in 6 adult Americans says they have taken psychiatric drugs.
  • There is now a Taylor Swift channel on DirectTV and AT&T.
  • China's highest court ruled last week that Michael Jordan owns the rights to his name in Chinese characters.
  • A restaurant just opened in the Kurdistan region of Iraq that's called Trump Fish, a fish restaurant with an unauthorized Donald Trump logo.
  • A guy in Coral Springs, Florida, was just planning to rob a gas station. Instead he got his head slammed into the door and found himself in a rear naked chokehold, courtesy of a 6-7, 300-pound customer who happened to be ex-WWE rassler Shad Gaspard.
  • In Russia, a 24-year-old woman fell into a vat of molten chocolate and was minced to death. Ew.
  • No specific numbers on how much money Dolly Parton's fund-raiser pulled in for the Tennessee fire victims, but they're saying "millions."


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