Facebook has jumped on the live streaming bandwagon, and many of you have jumped in enthusiastically with live streaming of your shows, events, and appearances. The basics of going live are to point the camera, create a post and click on the icon, make a title, and start rolling. But to make it appealing you need to think about two things - the look and the content.
The Look:
  • Lighting, lighting, lighting. Darkness is the death of video, especially on small screens. So try to shoot outdoors or indoors with bright lighting, or get someone behind the camera to follow with a small handheld light.
  • Frame it well. We don't want to look up your nose or see a giant wall of nothing behind you. Find visually interesting pictures and always make a point of highlighting any action going on around you.
  • Avoid the shakes. Hold the camera as still as you can and pan slowly when you are turning.

The Content:
At this point, the Facebook algorithm rewards live streaming more than the replay afterward. You will also get more views if you are live for a longer period of time, as you allow more people to find you on their feeds. But you also have to have something worth watching to engage people in the first place, right?


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