(Cosmopolitan) Too slammed to sleep? Doctors say it is okay to stay up all night every once in a while. Just be cautions if you are depressed or anxious or have a weak immune system. Your stress levels increase by 14 percent with every hour of sleep you lose, upping your risk for moodiness, depressive episodes, and illness. with the disclaimers out of the way, let us do this:

From Dusk to Dawn

Refuel regularly
Think of tonight as a long hike bring plenty of snacks for the road ahead. Choose a snake with protein and fiber, like veggies and hummus. You will keep your energy up without allowing your blood sugar levels to drop.

Sip coffee
In moderation, java is a safe caffeine fix. Do not use caffeine pills, which are not FDA regulated, pills like Adderall, or herbal energy supplements. Recent studies link energy drinks to hear palpitations and ER visits, so steer clear.

Drink a glass of chilled water for every cup of coffee you down. The cold liquid is refreshing, gives you energy and could make you sharper. In a new study, people who drank water pretest improved their reaction times.

Bank some sleep
Studies show that kids who sacrifice shut-eye for studying perform wore in class and on tests the next day. Why? Your body needs sleep to consolidate the memories you make as you cram. Even an hour or two can boost your performance.

The Next Morning

Switch to tea
Your all night coffee binge has likely left you feeling a bit frantic. You do not need another cup. Tea is generally lower in caffeine than coffee is, and the compound theanine in tea has been found to help people relax and focus at the same time.

Be cautious
Sleepless nights can cause a short-term feeling of euphoria the next morning. A second wind seems like a score, but it can compromise brain function and set you up for risky behavior. Put off big decisions until you rest and bum a ride to class.

Power nap
You nailed the presentation. Now hit the sack for one to two hours. The nap will help you bounce back, but do not stay up all night more than twice a semester sleep disruption can lead to weight gain, mood disorders, and serious health issues.


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