Are salty treats your favorite snack or do you have a sweet tooth that only chocolate will satisfy? Research shows that what perks up your taste buds also reveals vital information about your personality. Find out what your favorites foods say about you:

You're an optimist if you head for the very sweet stuff, and your positive attitude is a key to your success in life. But if tangy is your thing, you're a disciplined person who's prepared to face life's highs and lows with quiet determination.

Hors D'oeuvres
Cheese and crackers lovers are down-to-earth people who are never afraid to speak their minds. People who prefer hot snacks like Swedish meatballs are born diplomats who can offer an opinion without ruffling any feathers.

People who dip their chip in the middle are happy with their lives and don't waste time sweating the small stuff. But if spicy salsa is your preference, you're adventurous and always on the go in search of another exciting escapade.

Healthy Goodies
If you head for the veggies, you're a reserved person with a subtle but droll sense of humor. Should fruit be more to your liking, you're an energetic, fun loving person who inspires a party atmosphere wherever you go.

Milk chocolate means you're a Mr. Spock type who solves problems with keen logic and rational solutions. Leaning toward the darker variety indicates you're guided by your emotions and you resolve problems with creative flair.

Shaking extra salt on this treat means your happiness depends on having a safe and secure environment. But eating it with little or no salt reveals both your independent steak and your ability to take charge of any situation.


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