Did you know that the breed of dog you love best reveals key elements of your personality. Choose your favorite pooch and discover some interesting facts about the real you:

Terriers, Beagles and Hounds
You're the leader of the pack and exude confidence and independence. Although you're an affectionate person, you're never needy or demanding.

You're an outgoing person who thrives on large get togethers with family and friends. You're also known for your compassionate and non-judgmental acceptance of others.

Labradors, Collies, Retrievers and Spaniels
You're an energetic nature lover who does your part to protect the environment. People are attracted to your fun loving spirit.

Bulldogs, Pugs and Shar Peis
You have an infectious sense of humor that makes you the life of the party. You also have the ability to get along well with all types of people.

Yorkies, Miniature Poodles and Chihuahuas
You're a warmhearted person who's generous with your time and talents. Family and friends turn to your for comfort and guidance.

German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Dobermans
You're happiest spending time with your family and a few pals. Your loyalty to the important people in your life is unshakable.

Cat Lovers
If you prefer cats to dogs, you have an intuitive, patient nature that accepts the shortcomings of others. You're slow to make a decision but immovable once it's made.


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