(Woman's Day) Correct four common slipups that can sink your best budget intentions:

Not knowing your pay frequency
Are your paid bimonthly or every two weeks? Bimonthly means 24 paychecks per year not 26 and that can throw off your annual calculations.

Assuming last month was a fluke
When you're looking at the past to build a budge, don't discount unforeseen expenses. The truth is, they'll probably happen more often than you realize.

Trying to be a hero
If you underspend one month, don't rush to move that extra money into savings. You might need it for some big outlay in the future, and it's better to have a cushion.

Tweaking the budget constantly
It typically takes a few months to fine tune a spending plan. If you continually fiddle with the categories it might mean the budget's structure is flawed.


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