• He popped the question on Thursday night, she said "Yes" and now Mariah Carey is engaged to her Australian billionaire boyfriend, James Packer.
  • Kristin Cavallari was hospitalized following a car accident in Chicago last Thursday, but they say she'll be OK.
  • Eminem's former sister-in-law died last week of a suspected heroin overdose.
  • Ringo Starr now has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Mike Tyson's Las Vegas mansion is up for sale. Yours for only $1.5 million.
  • Bernie Sanders is using the Simon and Garfunkel song, "America" in his latest campaign ad.
  • A poll says that 10% of college graduates think that Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court.
  • Scientists say they have discovered the largest known prime number, only divisible by itself and one with more than 22 million digits.
  • American Express is reportedly suing Tori Spelling for $38,000 in unpaid bills.
  • Jody Sweetin not only has the "Fuller House" excitement going on in her life, but she just got engaged to her boyfriend, Justin Hodak.
  • A Florida man has been arrested for stealing a $1,500 dog from a pet store and trading it for crack.


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