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Friday, October 27, 2017


  • And now, a second actress has stepped forward, saying she was groped by former President Bush, the senior one. The way it worked was, they'd get close for a photo, he would then allegedly say, "Do you know who my favorite magician is? David Cop-a-feel!" while grabbing them. 
  • Kellogg's is replacing several of the cartoon characters on their boxes of Corn Pops after people were claiming they were racist. 
  • Disneyland is going to build yet another hotel on its property down in Southern California that should be done by 2021. 
  • Michael Moore's Broadway show has closed after 13 weeks. 
  • Now, we're hearing Steve Bannon is considering a run for President in 2020. 
  • Bill Gates says polio will be eradicated this year. 
  • More than 50% of U.S. broadband households subscribe to pay TV and at least one streaming video service. 
  • Bill Cosby is trying to take out a $30 million loan to pay his legal fees. 
  • Former Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves player Justin Reed lost his battle with cancer this week at the age of 35. 
  • Mandy Moore says her family has done a lot of evolving over the past 10 years. Starting with her mom leaving her dad for another woman and then her two brothers both coming out. 
  • The mother of a policeman killed in that Las Vegas tragedy had a heart attack two days after his funeral, fell down an escalator and eventually died. How much tragedy can one family handle? 
  • Amy Schumer tries her hand at serious acting in the new film, "Thank You For Your Service." 
  • Thailand is preparing for their king's $90 Million cremation ceremony following the ruler's death a year ago. 
  • FOX Sports is using 41 cameras and 121 microphones to cover this World Series. 
  • The Boston Red Sox are considering dugout style seating at Fenway Park. 
  • Sears is bringing back its iconic catalog in time for Christmas.

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