The great composer Johann Strauss was born on this date in 1825. He wrote over 400 songs, all in Waltz time. It doesn't say here, "Walt who."

In 1854, the "Charge of the Light Brigade" took place... when an English brigade of 600 soldiers took on the entire Russian army. That was the year that the Light Brigade used their credit cards to get their shopping done early. To think, we never would have heard of it, had they paid cash.

On this date in 1870, postcards were available in the U.S. for the first time. Up until that time, when we went on vacation, we wished people weren't there with us makes you wonder what you sent back from vacation before that.

It was on this date in 1903, the U.S. Senate began investigating the Teapot Dome scandals of the Harding administration. Yes, there were emails missing, but only because they hadn't been invented yet.

In 1954, the U.S. Air Force officially ended "Operation: Bluebook," which was their investigation into UFO's. Which means, of course, everything found was hidden in a hanger in area 51.
  • The general in charge came to the conclusion there weren't any visitors here from other worlds and that the investigation should be wrapped up, so as not to anger the Great Melmar. 
  • Just goes to show that mind control works. 
  • To me, "Operation Bluebook" makes it sound like people wanted to know how much they could trade-in their UFO at a dealer. 
  • Probably because someone controlling their minds told them to. The voice in my head is saying I should stop talking about this, so I will. 

On this date in 1960, the very first electronic wrist watch, a Bulova, went on sale in New York City.
They were a big hit, but the extension cords were awkward.
  • The first watch you didn't have to wind. And as long as you didn't mind being hooked up to a car battery, it was great! 
  • It was convenient not having to replace batteries, but the extension cord was a pain. 

The world's largest omelet was created on this date in 1986. After cracking the 54,763rd egg, the customer said, "No, I said I wanted them over easy."


Two months to the day is Christmas.

Ciara -- Mrs. Russell Wilson -- turns 32 today.

Katy Perry turns 33 today. She actually crashed a wedding in St. Louis over the weekend. Just wandered in, wearing a baseball cap, posed for pictures with the bride and groom, and then left.

Actor Mechad Brooks turns 37 today. He was in "Desperate Housewives" and "True Blood" but, these days has gone into hiding... and is on "Supergirl" as James Olson.

Samantha Bee is a full frontal 48 today. She has been much more successful than her sister, Samantha A.

Drummer Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers turns 56 today. Getting close to those Mylanta years.

Singer Helen Reddy turns 76 today. She once sang, "I am woman. Hear me roar." These days, she's singing, "I am woman, hear me wheeze... could you hold that door for me, please?" She's still a woman, just not roaring like she use to.

Former Indiana Hoosier basketball coach Bobby Knight turns 77 today. He plans a quiet celebration at home until it comes time to yell out the candles. His friends plan to throw a party for him... Bobby plans to throw a chair at them. Old habits die hard.

Marion Ross, "Mrs. C" from Happy Days, turns 89 today. She's still wearing that apron. Yes, Mrs. C is now Mrs. Senior.

National Sourpuss Day -- Don't bother telling a grouch to cheer up, he was born that way. A study conducted by psychologist Dr. David Zald, of Vanderbilt University in Nashville reveals that grumpy people's brains are wired to make them more cantankerous than others. The villain is a postage stamp-size portion of the brain about an inch or two behind the right eye called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. The more activity in that area, the more likely a person is to be a sourpuss. "It looks like it's this part of the brain's activity that regulates people's moods," Zald explains. "It's also a part of the brain that controls sweating, stomach acidity, heart rate and other physical feelings associated with stress and bad moods."

Painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso was born way back in 1881 -- Time to play "Erotic Thriller Or Picasso?" Here's a list of late-night erotic thrillers and Picasso titles. It's harder to tell which one is which than you might think.
  • The Girl Next Door 
  • Woman in Blue (Picasso) 
  • House of Love 
  • Kiss of Fire 
  • Nude in a Rocking Chair (Picasso) 
  • Night Runs Red 
  • Woman on Arm Chair (Picasso) 
  • The Seductress 
  • Girl Before Mirror (Picasso) 
  • Shadow Dancer 
  • Traces of Red 
  • Old Beggar with Boy (Picasso) 
  • Two Shades of Blue 
  • Embrace (Picasso) 
  • Wild Flower 
  • Sleeping Nude (Picasso) 


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