• Well, well, well... Amazon now has a pharmacy license. 
  • The cord-cutting continues. Comcast lost 125,000 subscribers in the third quarter; 105,000 left Charter. 
  • Someone splattered red paint all over the base of the Teddy Roosevelt statue at the American Museum of Natural History early Thursday. The statue features Teddy on a horse, flanked by a native African and a native American. 
  • The owner of the Houston Texans apologized on Friday for using a figure of speech that referred to players as "inmates" as he discussed protests during the national anthem. An article in ESPN The Magazine, quoted McNair as saying, "We can't have the inmates running the prison." 
  • Enjoy season 2 of "The Crown." After this one, Clair Foye will be replaced as Queen Elizabeth by Olivia Colman. Season 2 comes out December 8th. 
  • John McEuen, one of the founding members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, has announced his departure following the conclusion of the NGDB 2017 tour. 
  • The New York Yankees confirmed that Joe Girardi will not return as their manager in 2018. He ran the team for 10 years. 
  • Dick Noel, who sang on over 15,000 radio and TV commercial jingles and was nick-named "King of the Jingles" has died. He was 90. 
  • Daimler is showing off an electric semi-truck at the Tokyo Motor Show that has a range of 220 miles. 
  • With Justin Bieber spotted at Selena Gomez's house, people are wondering about the status of Selena and The Weeknd. 
  • Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are said to be working on a new family member. 
  • Among the details coming from those released Kennedy assassination documents. 25 minutes before the president was shot, the Cambridge News in London got a phone call, telling the reporter to check with the American Embassy for some "big news." 
  • The pharmacy CVS has put in a bid for Aetna insurance for $66 billion. 
  • They say another round of layoffs is in the near future for ESPN. 
  • Toyota is already planning for gas engines to have been phased out of their cars by the year 2040. 
  • Walgreens says it's going to close up to 600 Walgreen and Rite Aid stores. 
  • There was a large, glowing ball over northern Siberia late last week. Was it a trick from the Northern Lights? Some locals felt Putin was behind it. 
  • Simon Cowell was rushed to the hospital last Friday after falling down the stairs at his home.


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