(By Natasha Burton) Clothes make the man, as writer Charles Dickens once proclaimed, and a guy's choice of Halloween costume is no different. We asked image consultant William Cane to give his opinion on some of the more questionable costume options for men and what these getups may say about the guys wearing them.

Cane says: "On the one hand, this costume suggests a man who is fun-loving and whimsical, almost to the point of being silly and carefree. On the other hand, the clown also symbolizes darkness and despair, as in the opera Pagliacci; and the man who wears this costume is also usually aware of the dark side of life. This combination of funny and serious can make for a very amusing and philosophical companion. Not a bad choice, indeed!"

Male Stripper
Cane says: "A man who has the courage to dress in a Chippendales costume is usually either very sexy, very geeky or both. The costume itself usually reveals his upper torso, so it is a favorite of bodybuilders and muscular men who are not afraid to show off their bodies. At the same time, it can be a humorous effort to suggest virility that is not present."

Freddy Krueger
Cane says: "This fellow isn't necessarily an evildoer himself. In fact, he's usually the opposite of a monster, and may even be a sweet-tempered loving soul who only needs to flaunt his deepest fears one day of the year. He may have a highly developed sense of theatricality, in which case he's just putting on an act. But just to be certain, you may want to keep one eye open as you fall asleep in his arms."

Cane says: "The man who dresses as a superhero probably has a dual nature. On the one hand, he has the capacity to be strong and fearless, like Superman. But he also has an alter ego, which is meek and retiring, like Clark Kent. This man needs a woman who can understand both sides of his personality. If you can be his Lois Lane, he'll love you twice as much as any other guy!"

Realty TV Has-Been
Cane says: "This man has a desire to be famous himself. He may keep you amused with his wild schemes and crazy ideas to get attention. If you like a fellow who craves the spotlight, and if you can share it with him, this may be the man for you. Beware, however, if he fails to get the attention he desires."

Cane says: "Here's a guy who likes to take risks. In fact, this is the Woody Allen of men, the jokester, the fellow who can look at the funny side of life and take away your cares and concerns. He has a quick wit, a fearless attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit. Just think twice if he suggests a bank heist."

Cane says: "The man who dresses as a flasher is a bad boy at heart, but one with a wry sense of humor. He's sexy, adventurous and daring-all the things a girl might want in a lover. But he may also, paradoxically, have a streak of moralistic shyness in him, which may be why he is displaying this other side of himself on Halloween. In any case, if you can bring out his flasher side during the rest of the year, he'll be a hot lover -- even with his clothes on!"

Exotic King
Cane says: "This man is a bookish type with a sense of the absurd. He has the ability to take you on conversational and romantic adventures that other men can't even begin to imagine. Consider yourself a lucky girl if you're paired up with a pharaoh. Let yourself fall under his spell. He has plenty to teach you about how to live together . . . as king and queen."

Harry Potter
Cane says: "This man has a complex interior life, and he may not even understand all his own motivations and feelings. One thing is for sure, however: He has an intellectual side that can be focused on accomplishing great, even magical, things in life. Follow him where he leads you, and try to help him understand himself. In the process you may find yourself entering a fantastic new world of adventure."

Cane says: "Men who aren't afraid to dress in drag on Halloween may have an intuitive understanding of the opposite sex, which could actually be very good for the girls in their lives. In fact, many women prefer men who have some feminine elements in their personality."


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