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Monday, May 7, 2018


Educated men and women have more than a diploma to show for their efforts. They also have an expanded vocabulary. has helpfully published a list of words that every college student (and graduate) should know. Do you? Here are the ten words every college student should know:

1. Corroborate
To corroborate is to confirm or make more certain.

2. Disparate
Disparate things are distinctly dissimilar.

3. Extrapolate
Extrapolate means to infer something from the information that you have.

4. Laconic
Laconic is an adjective that describes the quality of relating much in few words.

5. Pedantic
Pedantic teachers are overly concerned with small details or formalism. Outside of teaching, it can refer to anyone who is ostentatious about their own knowledge.

6. Pragmatic
The term pragmatic has several definitions that relate to considering the practical aspects of matters. A philosophical movement, pragmatism, uses the practical consequences of a belief as the basis for determining truth and value.

7. Quintessential
Quintessential is an adjective that describes a perfect embodiment or pure essence of something.

8. Salient
Salient characteristics are prominent or conspicuous.

9. Spurious
Spurious things are not genuine or authentic. In biology, the term is used to describe things that have similar appearances but different structures.

10. Syntax
Syntax, in general, means a system or orderly arrangement. For example, in linguistics, syntax refers to the rules that organize sentences.

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