On this date in 1453, Constantinople fell to the Turks and it couldn't get back up. This defeat signaled the end to the middle ages. The final episode of "The Middle" was shown last week. Coincidence? Yes.

On this date in 1953, Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tensing Norkay of Nepal became the first climbers to reach the top of Mount Everest. It was there that he uttered that famous phrase, "Hey, I can see my car from here."

Wisconsin became our 30th state on this date in 1848.
  • For its official state photo, naturally, it said, "Cheese!" 
  • That was also the day they chose the official state song, "What a friend we have in cheeses!" 
  • To commemorate the event, a photographer asked the state to say, "Cheese." They all responded "What kind?" and the rest is history. 

On this date in 1961, the very first food stamps were issued by the U.S. government. The first recipients had some problems with them. For starters, they didn't taste very good.

In 1968, the Truth in Lending Act was signed... with invisible ink. Yeah, you gotta watch those guys.

On this date in 1982, the final episode of the TV show "The Incredible Hulk" starring Bill Bixby aired on CBS.
  • It wasn't going to be their last show, but someone made David Banner a little too mad that day. 
  • They were just going to put it on hiatus, but when the Hulk found out, he destroyed the set and that was the end of that. 


America's Got Talent judge, Mel-B -- Melanie Janine Brown -- turns 43. Back in her Spice Girls days, she was "Scary." Actually, she still frightens me.

Noel Gallagher of "Oasis" turns 51 today. He was once with a band called "Mirage," but as soon as you got close enough to see 'em perform, they'd disappear.

Lisa Whelchel, who went from "The Facts of Life" to playing on a season "Survivor," turns 55 today. It happens.

Melissa Etheridge turns 57 today. One of her early hits was "I'm the Only One." It was her musical salute to being a Washington Nationals fan.

Annette Bening hits 60 today. She's going to put her acting abilities to the test today and try to act like it doesn't bother her.

LaToya Jackson is 62 years old today.
Well, most of her.
She has more talent in her pinky finger than anyone with a smaller, less-talented pinky finger.
I believe sets a record for living off the success of family members.

Composer Danny Elfman turns 65 today. He created the theme for "The Simpsons", "Beetlejuice", "Batman" and so many others. If you find yourself saying, "I'm noticing a theme here." It's probably one of his.

JFK would have been 101 today.


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