For 70 years, U.S. presidents have been pardoning turkeys, sparking one bird per year. That tradition had the writers at Women's Health thinking about healthy food that have gotten a bad rap and deserve a second chance:

Beans - Please excuse, the tooting
"Soaking beans helps them cook faster, and it also removes indigestible substance that make you gassy," says Karen Ansel, R.D. "Rinse under the tap, bring them to a boil in a big pot of water for three minutes and let them soak for an hour. Then drain, rinse again, and cook according to your recipe."

Onions - Please excuse, the tears
"You can blame substances known as sulfuric compounds for making you cry," says Ansel. "To prevent watery, stinging eyes, pop the onions in the freezer for 20 minutes before you chop them, which halts the action of the enzymes that cause the reaction."

Beets - Please excuse, the fuchsia stain
"Leave the stems on while you cook them, which prevents the pigments from seeping out," says Ansel. And bake before peeling to loosen the skins and make them easier to remove, which minimizes the time your fingers are exposed to the natural dye. Then peel under running water.


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