"A popular belief and an incorrect one is that women are better than men at reading people," says William Ickes, Ph.D., a mind reading expert and a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Arlington. "But studies have show that the difference isn't in ability but in motivation." Meaning that if you're motivated to read her mind, you'll do a better job. Try these tactics for some extra help:

Talk after sex
This is possibly the last advice you want to he, we know. But according to a study in Biological Psychiatry, an increase in your level of the feel good hormone oxytocin will improve your mind reading abilities, largely because it makes you feel closer to your partner. Since both of you receive a jolt of it during sex, there's no better time to scope out her thoughts than right afterward. She's be more willing to share and you'll be more able to listen. Oxytocin make you sleepy so fight it. If post sex conversation isn't an option, exchange massages. A good rubdown also release the oxytocin tide.

Listen for the odd word out
While she's talking, she might drop hints at her true feelings. If you're in a tough spot with her, pay particular attention. "Any words that stand out as being strange in context are clues to what she's really thinking," says Ickes. The odd word out can be as blatant as a Freudian slip, or as subtle as the extra emphasis she gives to the invitation at the end of a date when she says, "Would you like to come up for some coffee?"

Watch her arms and legs
Many people believe that agitation is a sign that someone's lying but if she's normally fidgety and her arms and legs are stone still for once, that's when you should be concerned. "Any noticeable change in behavior can be a sign that she's lying," says lie detection expert Maureen O'Sullivan, Ph.D., a psychology professor at the University of San Francisco.

Beware the "killer" smiles
Telltale signs that she's not saying what she means: if she's smirking or smiling crookedly during a bland or uninteresting story, or if the timing of her smiles is off. "If her smile flashes across her face too quickly, or lingers too long, that's a good sign she's not feeling genuine happiness," O'Sullivan says. Maybe that's the time when you most need to prove your perceptiveness.


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