"Hurricanes To Be Named This Year After Royal Family!"

Trash! Although it would pave the way for our very first Harry-cane!

"Guys Who Started Mugshots.com Get Mugshots of Their Own!"
Truth! California authorities have arrested Sahar Sarid, Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie, Thomas Keesee, and David Usdan on charges of extortion, money laundering, and identity theft. About dang time!

"Hasbro Trademarks the Smell of Play-doh!"
Truth! And why not? The ultimate childhood smell that takes you back every time. The Play-doh brand has been around since 1956 and Hasbro applied for the scent trademark last year.

"Boy Scouts Can Now Earn a Badge for NOT Using their Cell Phone!"
Trash! But it might not be a bad idea.

"New York Parents Sue Their 30-year-old Son to Get Him to Leave Home!"
Truth! In Camillus, NY, Mark and Christina Rontondo are going to court to force their 30-year-old son, Michael, to leave home! But Michael says he isn't going anywhere without a fight and is ignoring their demand to leave.

"First Death from Vaping in Florida!"
Truth! It was a 38-year-old man who was killed when his vape pen actually blew up and projected fragments into his skull. He also suffered burns on over 80 percent of his body!

"Gasoline Expected to Cost $8 a Gallon This Summer!"
Trash! Don't panic. It's not expected to go much past $7.99

"A Sinkhole Has Opened In The Oval Office of the White House!"
Trash! It's actually outside on the front lawn. Although, the budget inside could be mistaken for one.


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