You may spoil Fido and Fluffy, but pet lovers in Miami get the crown for pampering their pets more than anyone else. That's the word from, which recently ranked U.S. cities with more than 400,000 residents based on the most pet-related items purchased per capita in the past year. The "top dogs" were Miami, Seattle and Atlanta. Items people bought for their pets included toys, food, aquariums, terrariums and cages, as well as collars and leashes for dogs.

The top 20 most pampered pet cities are:
  1. Miami 
  2. Seattle 
  3. Atlanta 
  4. San Francisco 
  5. Portland, Oregon 
  6. Washington, DC 
  7. Las Vegas 
  8. Austin 
  9. Tucson 
  10. San Diego 
  11. Sacramento 
  12. Raleigh 
  13. Denver 
  14. Colorado Springs 
  15. Baltimore 
  16. San Jose 
  17. Albuquerque 
  18. Chicago 
  19. Omaha 
  20. Virginia Beach

Miami ranked highest for pampering their dogs, cats, birds, aquatic animals and reptiles. Miami locals also purchased the most toys overall for their pets, and spoiled their dogs and cats by buying the most apparel and accessories, grooming products and health supplies. While Seattle ranked second overall, Seattle locals love to give their animals treats. This locale topped the list for purchasing the most treats for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals. The residents of San Jose, followed by Colorado Springs, Long Beach, Nashville and Omaha, showed the most love for their horse friends by purchasing the largest number of horse-related product.


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