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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


  • Use sex as a weapon -- It's a man's universal weak spot, and therefore unfair to use for gain.
  • Talk incessantly -- With guys, you don't need so much detail!
  • Shop till they drop -- If that's unavoidable, leave us home, don't force us along for the hell.
  • Become too emotional -- we suck at dealing with a crying woman on our shoulder, we don't know the first thing about comforting woman. Don't lose it during every minor setback.
  • Invade our personal space -- You know the hell we'd pay for doing this to you, so stay out of our drawers! Well, at the least the ones that hold our clothes.
  • Speak in code -- The old "What are you thinking?" is timeless for testing how we feel about you. Please be specific or else we just don't get it.
  • Become needy -- Don't turn us into emotional crutches and overly use us for moral boosters, it can become too much.
  • Act jealous -- A strip club is just another place to talk football... and watch nude women.
  • Criticize other women -- It's not a crime if shoes don't match the purse. Why must everything be criticized from weight to hairstyle.
  • Pretend to be virtuous -- be honest, you've slept with just as many men as we have women, but you won't admit it. Find a man that appreciates your past.

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