Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams' Biggest Fan May Just Be Chris Harrison. Forget about a rose. Chris Harrison wants one member of Bachelor Nation to get a ring! It's no secret that the host of ABC's popular franchise has seen his share of wonderful couples. But with Becca Kufrin's season coming to an end and Bachelor in Paradise kicking off next month, there's one famous pair that Chris can't get enough of. Any guesses? He's for sure Team Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams. "They are an amazing couple and are crazy in love with each other. They are both quirky, goofy and funny," Chris shared with E! News exclusively at the City of Hope poker tournament inside The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. "I don't know when this [engagement] is going to happen, but it will happen. If there is a couple I root for, it's them." While Wells hasn't revealed any top-secret details to the host about his relationship plans, Chris admitted that he 100 percent would love to officiate their wedding if offered. And if a special ceremony does occur down the line, he knows it's going to be one unforgettable party. "The only think I do know is that if and when they do get married -- and again, I hope they do -- it will be the best party ever because they are both awesome. They both are a good time in a can. They both are so anything goes with them," he shared. "I got to know Wells more this summer than previous summers. We got to hangout and talk and he is a really good guy." Chris added, "I just love that relationship. I just think they are oddly perfect together. With Wells and Sarah, they just seem to fit and seem to mix and they complement each other and are a good couple." Listen, we weren't playing when we said, "biggest fan." Earlier this month, Wells revealed on his podcast that he will be moving to Los Angeles. "I'm not concerned about us living together or us getting along or whatever," he joked on an episode of Your Favorite Thing. "I'm most concerned about my dogs and her dogs." As for Sarah's closest pals, they appear to be big supporters of the former Bachelorette contestant who first competed for JoJo Fletcher's heart several years ago. "Sarah's friends love and accept Wells and say he treats Sarah very well," a source shared with us. "Her friends believe that Wells is very serious already about a long-term commitment and is moving to LA to build a future together." Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, August 7 at 8 p.m. only on ABC. (Eonline)

Justin Bieber is getting his priorities in order on the heels of a new hit song ... implying that his wedding with Hailey Baldwin will come before any newer music. JB was out with his fiancee Sunday in NYC when he got asked by a bunch of paps what's next after releasing a new track with DJ Khaled called "No Brainer." He didn't hesitate long for an answer ... Justin says getting married was the most immediate item on his agenda. This also appears to be the first time Bieber acknowledges Hailey as his bride-to-be on camera. She was a bit more bashful than he was being put on the spot, but sure seemed to appreciate the sweet shout-out. We broke the story ... Justin proposed to Hailey earlier this month in the Bahamas. She obviously said yes, and was more than happy to flaunt the huge engagement ring he bought for her ... which set him back $500,000 give or take. They've been inseparable since getting engaged, and it seems even the prospect of conquering the charts isn't that a big deal to the Biebs with marriage on his mind. (TMZ)

If Faith Evans knows one thing about Stevie J it's that he's good -- really, really good -- at making babies, and the newlyweds definitely have baby fever. We got Faith and Stevie talking for the first time about their surprise Las Vegas wedding. They insist the hookup is NOT a publicity stunt and explained why they decided to go all the way. The R&B duo's heard some of the negative reaction to their marriage, but say they're ignoring all the haters. As we reported, some family members are pissed they didn't get a heads-up. They got really excited though when we asked if they plan to have babies. You gotta see Faith declare her baby factory is open for biz. As she put it, we all know Stevie can make it happen ... with 6 kids of his own already. Looks like they got in a damn good dress rehearsal while shooting the "A Minute" music video. (TMZ)

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are officially a couple -- a churchgoing one at that -- but they won't really show it until they're out of God's purview. The recently-single Hollywood stud was spotted on another date with Arnold and Maria's 28-year-old daughter Sunday -- this time with his and Anna Faris' son, Jack, tagging along ... not to mention JC. The trio hit up a church service in L.A. and ice cream afterward. It wasn't until Chris and Kat were out of the Lord's house that they smooched a bit ... not once, but twice! Seems like things have gone well since their Santa Barbara picnic last month. As for Jack, we're guessing he's getting used to his parents' new boos since they filed for divorce -- Anna certainly hasn't shied away from having her new BF step in as stepdad. (TMZ)

Bode and Morgan Miller Tearfully Recall Their Daughter's Tragic Drowning: "My Heart Sank." In the blink of an eye, life for Bode Miller and Morgan Miller had tragically changed forever. In early July, the couple of six years revealed that their 19-month-old daughter, Emeline, had tragically died following a drowning accident at a neighbor's pool. As the athletic couple recalled in an emotional interview on Today, that fateful day began like any "normal day." "Every morning, the kids would go swimming and Bode would go swimming with them and they'd be in there for hours and they loved it," Morgan, a volleyball pro, recalled to Savannah Guthrie. Following the swim, the family went to a birthday party and then returned home. While Bode, an Olympic skier, took his oldest daughter to her softball game, Morgan brought Emmy and the boys to their neighbor's house. "We go over back and forth multiple times a week. They're family to us and it was just a normal day over there," Morgan recalled. As she described to Guthrie, the boys were playing with toys in a bedroom close by and Emmy was walking the short distance back and forth. "All of a sudden it was just too quiet for me," Morgan noted. She noticed that a sliver of light was shining through the door that led to the backyard, which had been closed. "My heart sank and I opened the door and she was floating in the pool," Morgan tearfully said. While she immediately jumped into the pool and started CPR on her daughter while her neighbor called 911, their daughter did not survive. She passed away the next day in the hospital. "The doctor said that her brain had not had enough oxygen for too long of a time," Bode explained. With the loss of their precious daughter, the expectant parents are thinking of other moms and dads who can prevent such a tragedy in their own lives. "I think [talking about it] does in some way help to heal a little bit," Bode said. "Maybe we're preventing it from happening to somebody else." "There's not a day that goes by that I don't pray for the opportunity to go back to that day and make it different, but now we have this opportunity to make other parents' days different," Morgan said. "This should be the number one thing that we talk about." The two are urging for more conversations to be had about adolescent drowning, which is currently the leading cause of unintentional death for children 1 through 4 years old. "I've been to all of the pediatrician's meetings and checkups on our kids and I can't say it's come up one time -- not a single time," Bode added. The parents had even taken precautions to prevent such an incident at their own house by training their sons and blocking access to their pool with a fence. "I think we did the best with the knowledge that we had," Morgan told Guthrie. While they advocate for more conversation and preventative measures around child drowning, the couple also has to forge ahead for the sake of their children -- and one on the way. "When they talk about her and they share stories, they always have a smile on their face and they constantly remind us we're still here and it allows us to bring our focus back to the things we still have to be incredibly grateful for," Morgan said. "She brought so much to our lives and now she's helping us bring so much to everyone else's lives." (Eonline)

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin know how to rock a date night. The Fifty Shades Freed actress, 28, and her Coldplay frontman boyfriend, 41, headed to the TD Garden in Boston on Saturday evening to catch a concert performed by Radiohead. The couple were joined by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, 38, and his wife, Lauren Parsekian, 31. Martin, sporting a beard and dressed casually in a trucker hat and T-shirt, laid low with Johnson, who wore a tan coat with her hair tied up in a loose bun. With her bodyguard by their side, the couple remained seated for most of the show, with Johnson frequently leaning her head onto Martin's shoulder. "They stood up for a couple of the ovations," a fellow concertgoer tells PEOPLE, adding that Radiohead's 1995 song "Fake Plastic Trees" got Johnson on her feet. "I think she's just reserved." Earlier in the evening, the couple was spotted strolling hand in hand. Johnson has spent significant time in Boston in recent years, having starred opposite Johnny Depp in Black Mass, a 2015 film about legendary Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger. In June, a source told PEOPLE that the couple appears to be taking their relationship to the next level as they get to know each other away from the spotlight. "For the past two weeks, they have spent a lot of time together," said the insider. "Chris lives in Malibu and Dakota seems to love hanging out there. They occasionally go for dinner with friends, but mostly have friends over at home. They go to the beach together and walks around the neighborhood. They seem to enjoy sharing a quiet life. It does seem they are getting more serious." The actress and the musician first sparked relationship speculation after being spotted on a mid-October sushi date in L.A., getting "cozy, laughing and affectionate" during their one-on-one dinner, a source said at the time. About a month after they were first spotted together, Johnson was photographed hanging out in the sound booth at Coldplay's concert in Argentina. Fans in the crowd spotted the actress and excitedly posted pictures on social media during the show. Since then, the two have been spotted on dates around Malibu and Los Angeles and even arrived hand-in-hand to Ellen DeGeneres' 60th birthday party in February. The two were seen holding hands as they caught up with Drew Barrymore outside the bash, which Martin's ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow also attended with boyfriend Brad Falchuk shortly after announcing their engagement. Johnson has a history with musicians, having previously dated model/rocker Matthew Hitt. The two had been on and off for years but were last seen together in 2016. Martin was last linked to British actress Annabelle Wallis. The two began dating in August 2015, and were often spotted together as the singer toured with his band. The singer was also married for 10 years to Paltrow before the pair split in March of 2014. The two have remained close, often spending time with their children, Apple, 14, and Moses, 12, together. (People)

Keith Urban Reveals the Advice He'd Give Demi Lovato Following Her Overdose. Keith Urban has some words of advice for a fellow musician in need. In a new interview with the Australian morning show Today Extra, the country music singer offered his support to Demi Lovato who is recovering from an apparent overdose in Los Angeles. "I don't know anything about her personally," Keith said via Entertainment Tonight before sharing his advice. "Just [to have] good people around her and a willingness to want to live a different way if that's what she wants to do. It's all up to her." As fans know, Keith previously opened up about his own battle with substance abuse. In October 2006, which was just a few months after marrying Nicole Kidman, Keith checked into the Betty Ford Center to treat alcohol addiction. "I was going to lose it all," he recalled to People a year after making the brave decision. "It was like, 'If I don't choose this moment to do the right thing and do something that's going to give me life, all of the things I'm scared of losing. I'm going to lose anyway.'" Keith isn't the first country music star to offer support for Demi. Brad Paisley, who collaborated on the hit song "Without a Fight" alongside Demi, offered his support on social media. "My friend @ddlovato is one of the kindest, most talented people I've ever met," he wrote on Twitter. "Praying for her right now, addiction is a terrifying disease. There is no one more honest or brave than this woman." Over the weekend, E! News learned that Demi is resting and getting better as she receives support from her whole family and ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. And most recently, some of Demi's close friends broke their silence on social media and addressed the situation. "I am with her now and will continue to be because she means to the world to me just as she does to all of you. Like all of you, I have nothing but love in my heart for her," backup dancer Dani Vitale shared on Instagram. "There is no need for any negativity towards the ones who care about Demi at this time. There is too much of it in this world as it is." (Eonline)

Amber Rose Regrets Accusing Gwyneth Paltrow of Having an Affair with JAY-Z. Rose now says she was just "joking" when she accused Paltrow of getting between Beyonce and JAY-Z. Amber Rose regrets accusing Gwyneth Paltrow of being the woman JAY-Z cheated on Beyonce with, better known to the Beyhive as "Becky with the good hair." The SlutWalk founder made the sweeping statement on Thursday morning while appearing on Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's podcast -- an allegation she's now chalking up to a simple joke gone wrong. "I feel bad because that's someone's personal life, and it was just me joking about something that I don't know anything about at all," Amber told The Daily Mail, insisting that she had no "inside information" on the matter. "I never want to hurt anyone's feelings," she continued. "Even though I don't know them personally, it's just not the kind of personality that I have. And for Gwyneth to be like, 'Why did she say that? That's not true,' it's like, 'Why did I say that?' I don't know anything. I was just speaking as a consumer." A rep for Gwyneth told People that Amber's allegation was "completely absurd and 100 percent false." The comment in question came after Heidi asked Amber whether she had ever been invited to any type of "sexual dinner." Amber said, "No, but I'm down, though!" Heidi told Amber that she and Spencer had been invited to one "just last week" before Spencer blurted out, "I do know Gwyneth Paltrow has gone." That's when Amber replied, "I definitely think Gwyneth Paltrow is like 'Becky with the good hair.' I really feel like she's the one that was f--king JAY-Z, right?" "They were like friends, and now you don't see Gwyneth Paltrow with Beyonce anymore, and it just seems like she was the one that was f--king JAY-Z." she continued. "And now Gwyneth lost her husband, but like, Beyonce's still with Jay." (Too Fab)

Robin Williams' first wife Valerie Velardi has admitted she allowed the late comedian's infidelity during their marriage. Velardi, who was married to Williams from 1978 to 1988, opened up about the "Good Will Hunting" star in the new HBO documentary "Come Inside My Mind," the Daily Mail reported. "He loved women," she said. "Absolutely loved women. And I got it." "I understood and I wanted him to have that, but I also wanted him to come home," she continued. Velardi said she met Williams at a bar in San Francisco in 1976 when he was relatively unknown. She said he asked her for a ride home. "He was speaking French and I was teasing him and we had a kiss and I just knew I was going to see him again," she said. Velardi said she was finishing up her degree as their relationship grew. "He was always looking for a connection or another character or an accent," she said of Williams. "He was shameless. He would just do it." The couple had one son together, Zachary "Zack" Pym but their marriage ended in 1988. She said they drifted apart after a while and she became less involved in his career that was growing. "So we gave each other up," Velardi said. Williams suffered from dementia and killed himself in August 2014 at age 63. He received four Academy Award nominations and won for 1997's "Good Will Hunting." A number of other celebrities are featured in the documentary including Billy Crystal and David Letterman. (Page Six)

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is now a married man -- TMZ Sports has learned the 65-year-old tied the knot in a low-key ceremony back in February ... and we've got the pics to prove it! Sources connected to the situation tell us ... Floyd and Lois Ann Roberts hit up the Stained Glass Wedding Chapel in Vegas on February 4 and swapped "I Dos" in a very quick and quiet ceremony. The place offers special Elvis-themed weddings -- but Floyd opted for the more traditional option. Too bad! We're told Floyd's famous boxing superstar son was NOT at the wedding. However, our Mayweather sources say Floyd Jr. is really fond of Sr.'s new wife -- they've known each other for decades and he considered her family even before things became official. Sooooo ... congrats!!! (TMZ)

Melyssa Ford Shares Update on Her Injuries 4 Weeks After Near Fatal Car Crash. UPDATE: Melyssa Ford is expressing gratitude for family, friends and strangers who have helped in her recovery during the past four weeks. "I'll never be able to convey how much it has meant to me to know, without a doubt, that you had my back in my greatest hour of need," she shared on Instagram Sunday evening. Read her full statement and health update here.

Melyssa Ford is in the hospital after suffering a serious car crash. The music video model and former reality star was driving to a bridal shower on Thursday in Los Angeles when an 18-wheeler allegedly "merged into her lane, clipping her back right tire" while she was traveling on Ventura Freeway and exiting an avenue, her rep told Us Weekly. As her rep explained to the magazine, her Jeep Wrangler was sent into a "tailspin" and flipped over several times before landing upside down. Her rep told the magazine Ford suffered a skull fracture, concussion and bleeding in her brain among other injuries. Ford's friend and fellow reality star Claudia Jordan took to social media with Ford's permission to notify the public of the accident. She also shared a photo of the star laying on the side of the road beside a car on its head as people tried to help her. "She doesn't even remember this as she has a huge gash in her head and blood on the brain," Jordan described. "She was involved in a horrific accident that could have easily taken her life. It's actually a miracle she survived. She's injured FOR REAL." Jordan asked that any witnesses to the crash contact her with information. "As you can imagine Melyssa doesn't remember much so I'm hoping witnesses will come forward and assist in putting the pieces back together," she noted. Ford is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital, the magazine reported. (Eonline)

Demi Lovato's Friends Break Their Silence on Her Overdose. Five days after Demi Lovato's overdose and subsequent hospitalization, one of her backup dancers has broken her silence to ask fans to be considerate of the people in the pop star's life. Taking to Instagram Sunday, Dani Vitale reminded her followers, "I care about Demi just like all of you do. I have not said anything about this situation now because her recovery has been of the most importance. I was not with Demi when the incident happened, but I am with her now, and will continue to be because she means to the world to me just as she does to all of you. Like all of you, I have nothing but love in my heart for her. There is no need for any negativity towards the ones who care about Demi at this time. There is too much of it in this world as it is." Vitale, who is part of Lovato's Tell Me You Love Me World Tour, said she understands fans are concerned about the singer. "I know you're all feeling lost without her at this moment in time," she added. "Remember that you have always been a community of Lovatics who LOVE. Please remember that when you take out your phones and start typing. Remember that we all love her more than we can ever put into words. Please continue to send her love during her recovery." One of Lovato's best friends, Dead Boys actor Matthew Scott Montgomery, also broke his silence on Lovato's relapse via Instagram Stories Sunday. "It's been an incredibly difficult few days, and this year has easily been the hardest I've ever experienced," he wrote. "I couldn't figure out what felt weirder -- posting or not posting about this." With Lovato in the hospital, he added, "I will miss hearing my best friend's laugh, maybe my favorite sound in the world, in the audience for these final shows as she continues to recover." Montgomery dedicated his final shows to Lovato, thanking his followers for their "love and support during this very hard time." Yesterday, a source told E! News Lovato is "getting better" after her overdose, thanks in larger part to the support she's been receiving from her family and ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Before her apparent overdose, Lovato and her friends had been partying hard, sources told E! News last week. "This is obviously a huge wake-up call," a source said after her hospitalization, adding, "Her family has been by her side supporting her and is getting her the help she needs." (Eonline)

The guy who used to play lead guitar for Guns N' Roses -- post-Slash -- got busted for DUI and took one of the most rock 'n' roll mug shots we've seen in a long time ... guy-liner included. DJ Ashba was arrested Friday in Fairbury, IL on suspicion of DUI and for blowing a stop sign. Law enforcement sources tell us Ashba first got pulled over for failing to stop but, because he showed signs of impairment, officers gave him field sobriety tests. Fair to say, it didn't go well for Ashba ... he was taken to jail, where he modeled a tight mohawk and colorful neck ink. Ashba played with GNR from 2009 to 2015. He' currently lead guitarist in Sixx:A.M. with Motely Crue vet Nikki Sixx. (TMZ)

Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor on the CW series, breaks his silence on the allegations against his former colleague. For the first time, one of Allison Mack's "Smallville" co-stars has opened up about her involvement in the NXIVM organization which allegedly evolved into a brutal sex cult. Michael Rosenbaum, who portrayed Lex Luthor on the long-running WB/CW series admitted he's remained silent thus far about this development in his one-time friend's life because he was so shocked. Finally, in response to a caller's question during an appearance on "Theo Von's This Past Weekend" podcast last week, he talked about what he knew about NXIVM during their time on the show and how sad he was to see what happened to the "sweet" girl he knew. "It's like someone telling you that your brother murdered someone. You're like, 'No he didn't. I know my brother. He wouldn't kill anybody.' It's just so bizarre," Rosenbaum said, as detailed by Uproxx. "It's so shocking and surprising." Mack is currently facing multiple charges, including sex trafficking, for her work with the organization, for which she was believed to be second-in-command behind Keith Raniere. It is believed Mack recruited, trained and even branded young women with a symbol representing her and Raniere's initials, all in preparation for them having sex with Raniere. This was all under the guise of a self-help organization. It was fellow co-star Kristen Kreuk who allegedly first recruited Mack into the organization, though she is reported to have left before it evolved into an alleged sex cult. Kreuk has denied any knowledge or involvement with the organization's alleged illegal activities and has not been charged with anything. Aside from an initial statement upon the story first breaking, Kreuk has refused to talk about NXIVM or Mack. The Daily Beast reported that when they reached out to talk with Kreuk about her new CW series "Burden of Truth," a publicist for the network replied, "We are not answering any questions about Allison Mack or NXIVM so I would need to make sure this is only about the series." "She was like a lot of actors and actresses. She wanted attention," Rosenbaum told Von. "She wanted approval, and she found something that she probably thought would give her that. Ultimately, inadvertently, she got into something that was bigger than her." Rosenbaum recalled hearing about Mack's involvement with "self-help stuff," but says he was a little turned off by it. "I remember her mentioning something. An organization," he said. "I didn't really listen. I just remember thinking, 'Oh, that's a little culty. That's not for me.'" He admitted to being surprised and saddened by what's happened to Mack. "I thought she would be married with kids. She was smart, and her family was into music and opera and stuff, upper class. She had her stuff together," he said, suggesting that maybe Raniere had blackmailed or manipulated her. "You just don't really know someone." (Too Fab)


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