Born On This Day...

   In 1511 Painter/architect, Giorgio Vasari
   In 1818 English novelist, Emily Bronte (Wuthering Heights)
   In 1855 American sculptor, James Edward Kelly
   In 1857 American economist, Thorstein Veblen
   In 1863 Auto maker, Henry Ford (founded Ford Motor Company)
   In 1880 Publisher/editor, Robert Rutherford McCormick (Chicago Tribune)
   In 1889 Inventor, Vladimir Zworykin (TV camera tube, Electron microscope)
   In 1890 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Casey Stengel (Yankees) [d: 9-29-75]
   In 1898 English scultor, Henry Moore (Lincoln Center)
   In 1909 Historian, C. Northcote Parkinson (Parkinson's Law) [d: 3-10-93]
   In 1916 Actor, Dick Wilson (Dino-McHale's Navy, Mr. Whipple) [d: 11-19-07]
   In 1926 Singer, Christine McGuire (McGuire Sisters) (92)
   In 1928 Baseball player, Joe Nuxhall (youngest MLBer to play) [d: 11-15-07]
   In 1931 Actress, Joan Vohs (Elaine-Bachelor Father) [d: 6-4-01]
   In 1933 Actor, Edd Byrnes (Gerald Lloyd-77 Sunset Strip) (85)
   In 1934 Actor, Ben Piazza (Ben Casey, Dallas, Winds of War) [d: 9-7-91]
   In 1936 Actor, Ralph Taeger (Klondike, Acapulco, Hondo) [d: 3-11-15]
   In 1939 Director/producer, Peter Bogdanovich (Last Picture Show) (79)
   In 1939 Feminist, Eleanor Smeal (National Organization of Women) (79)
   In 1941 Singer, Paul Anka (Diana, Puppy Love, You're Having My Baby) (77)
   In 1945 Jazz performer/saxophonist, David Sanborn (73)
   In 1946 Bassist, Jeffrey Hammond (Jethro Tull) (72)
   In 1946 Football player, Dwight Lynn White (Steelers) [d: 6-6-08]
   In 1947 Actor, William Atherton (Real Genius, Ghostbusters) (71)
   In 1947 Actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator, True Lies, Eraser) (71)
   In 1948 Actor, Jean Reno (The Professional, French Kiss, Godzilla) (70)
   In 1950 Singer, Frank Stallone (Far From Over) (68)
   In 1952 Actress, Ilene Kristen (Bold & the Beautiful, Another World) (66)
   In 1954 Actor, Ken Olin (Hill Street Blues, Michael-thirtysomething) (64)
   In 1956 Actress, Delta Burke (Suzanne-Designing Women, Delta) (62)
   In 1956 Law professor, Anita Hill (testified against Clarence Thomas) (62)
   In 1957 Baseball Player, Bill Cartwright (Knicks, Bulls) (61)
   In 1958 Actor, Richard Burgi (Days of our Lives, One Life to Live) (60)
   In 1958 Country singer, Neal McCoy (60)
   In 1958 Singer/songwriter, Kate Bush (Running Up That Hill) (60)
   In 1961 Actor, Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix, Blackish) (57)
   In 1962 TV host, Alton Brown (The Food Network) (56)
   In 1963 Actress, Monique Gabrielle (Flashdance, Night Shift) (55)
   In 1963 Actress, Lisa Kudrow (Mad About You, Phoebe Buffay-Friends) (55)
   In 1963 Basketball player, Christopher Mullin (Dream Team, 1992) (55)
   In 1964 Actress, Vivica A. Fox (Young & the Restless, Independence Day) (54)
   In 1964 Singer/guitarist, Dwayne O'Brien (Little Texas) (54)
   In 1968 Actor, Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris) (50)
   In 1969 Actor, Simon Baker (The Guardian, The Mentalist) (49)
   In 1969 Actor, Ben Jorgensen (All My Children, As the World Turns) (49)
   In 1969 Actress, Lilly Melgar (General Hospital, Bold & the Beautiful) (49)
   In 1971 Actor, Victor Alfieri (Franco-Days of Our Lives) (47)
   In 1971 Actor/comedian, Tom Green (Road Trip, Freddy Got Fingered) (47)
   In 1971 Drummer, Brad Hargreaves (Third Eye Blind) (47)
   In 1971 Actress, Christine Taylor (Marcia-The Brady Bunch Movie) (47)
   In 1973 Actor/comedian, Dean Edwards (Saturday Night Live) (45)
   In 1974 Actress, Hilary Swank (Boys Don't Cry, Insomnia) (44)
   In 1975 Singer, Tiffini Hale (The Party) (43)
   In 1977 Actress, Jaime Pressly (Joe Dirt, Unleashed, Mom) (41)
   In 1979 Actor, Isaac Lidsky (Weasel-Saved By The Bell) (39)
   In 1980 Actress, April Bowlby (Two and a Half Men) (38)
   In 1981 Soccer player, Hope Solo (37)
   In 1982 Actor, Martin Starr (Bill-Freaks & Geeks) (36)
   In 1984 Actress, Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin) (34)
   In 1996 Actor, Austin North (Kickin' It, A.N.T. Farm) (22)
   In 1999 Actress, Joey King (The Kissing Booth, The Conjuring) (19)
   In 2000 Rapper, Young Lyric (18)


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