You know, five months from today you'll be hitting those After Christmas Sales. Just sayin'...
It's Reporting Day for NFL Training Camps.

Kate Beckinsale hits 45 today. And she thought the movie "Haunted" was scary. Trying being an actress and 45 in Hollywood.

Sandra Bullock turns 54 today. To think it all started for her on a bus that wouldn't stop. Her career has been a lot like being on a bus with Keanu Reeves... you just don't know if it's ever going to stop or if it'll blow up.

Kevin Spacey turns 59 today. Should be a pretty small party.

Helen Mirren is 73 today. You should see pictures of her when she was younger. Then again, they say that about me, too.

Mick Jagger celebrates number 75 today. How does he celebrate? It's a gas, gas, gas... He still has over 800 years left on his deal with the devil. So much for that "they don't gather moss." Have you seen the north side of Mick lately?


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