According to a recent poll, 41 percent of working Americans between the ages of 25 and 40 have been involved with a coworker. Other surveys put that number even higher -- closer to 58 percent says relationship guru Laura Snyder. Office romance can be risky business - both emotionally and professionally. Not that it stops many of us from trying anyway. But what happens when things go wrong?

Be Prepared to Be Professional
Hurt, angry, guilty... All those feelings -- and temptations to have your revenge at, say, a staff meeting or at the water cooler - need to be kept in check. This is easier if you don't work closely together, but be prepared to be polite and professional even when you think it might kill you.

Control the Rumor Mill
If your coworkers were aware of the relationship, give them a vague update on the situation. No details on who-did-what-and-why and no bitter tirades against your ex's character, reputation or lack of bedroom prowess. Save all that for your friends. Your colleagues just need to hear that, yes, you split, but that you can still get along at work. As for your boss? Don't mention it unless your employer specifically asks, when you can assure him or her that you'll continue to get the job done, despite the hurt feelings.

Focus on the Task At Hand
Now that you're no longer making out in the supply closet, you'll have more time at work to actually work! Renew your dedication to the job by taking on additional projects and working the occasional late night (it's not like you have a date anyway, right?). Living well -- with that raise and corner office -- is the best revenge, after all, and it can't hurt to remind your colleagues that you're more than just the arm candy of what's-his-face in accounts payable.

Get Out When You Have To
If your productivity is suffering from the anxiety of those awkward run-ins at the copier or you're spending too much time crying in the bathroom, it's okay to get out of the office. Pursue an outside task, if possible, or take a sick day. Just don't make it a habit; things will get better.


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