Relationship guru Patty Lamberti lists five places to practice your seductive smiles and winks. With any luck, you won't be leaving alone.

A restaurant
See a hottie eating alone? You've got the perfect conversation piece. You both like the same restaurant. Approach him or her and comment on the food. If you're eating with a friend, approach the person alone. If you have the hots for your waiter, and want to take home more than a doggie bag, tip well so he/she remembers you. Listen to what your server tells fellow waiters about where they hang out, then "happen" to show up there, and talk about the restaurant.

A bookstore
Browse for books in the same aisle as the object of your affection. Pretend you have the same tastes in literature. When he/she picks up a book, say, "I've heard that's a great book." Hope he/she doesn't ask for a book report.

The movies
Go to the matinees alone. If you spot someone else alone, say hello on your way out, and ask if he or she liked the movie. If you're feeling inspired, ask if he/she wants to see another movie sometime with you. Or perhaps they'd like to discuss the film over a piece of pie.

A bar
A lot of people say you don't want to meet someone in a bar. Why not? Chances are that if you've both been drinking, you'll both be feeling friendly and talkative. Use the moment to your advantage.

There are a lot of dangers with flirting someone you work with: The gossip, potential sexual harassment charges, elevator awkwardness, etc. But since you spend so much time at work, it livens up the day to flirt a little bit. Just make sure the object of your attraction appreciates your flirtatious behavior, and don't take it too far. Instead of getting pink roses, you could get a pink slip from Human Resources.


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