• Would you rather die suddenly at age 40 but do something so significant you'd be remembered as a world hero for hundreds of years, or live to be 90 but die as just another average guy? 
  • Would you rather start sweating profusely every time you felt sexually attracted to someone, or be found sexually attractive only by TV meteorologists? 
  • Would you rather have a fisherman hook you in the eye or have someone stick a ice pick up your nose? 
  • You're at a party and put something that tastes horrible in your mouth. Would you rather just swallow it or try to discretely spit it out? 
  • Assuming you survive either with no problems, would you rather have an appendectomy with no anesthesia, or a tooth removed with no novocain? 
  • You have to write an eighth dwarf into the story of Snow White. Would you rather he be "Sleezy" or "Farty?" 
  • Would you rather hear someone say, "Hey, I found nude photos of your wife on the web!" or "Hey, isn't that your house burning down?"


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