You can get sun red year-round. Here are five tips to avoid a sunburn without using sunscreens:
1. Cover up
Protective clothing including long sleeves, hats and pants shield your skin from UV rays and reduce your risk by 27 percent. Look for swimwear that includes long-sleeved rash guards with fabric that offers additional UV protection.
2. Avoid intense sun
Plan outdoor activity in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is less intense.
3. Seek the shade
When outdoors find or create your own a shady spot with an umbrella or canopy. It's especially important to keep infants shaded from direct sun.
4. Wear sunglasses
Protect your eyes from long-term damage from UV rays by wearing sunglasses each time you're outdoors in the sun.
5. Know the UV Index
Check the UV index as part of your planning for outdoor activities to avoid over exposure to the sun.


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